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What the hell!?

By Kate-FoX
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Music: The Living Tombstone–No Mercy - Overwatch Original Song (Feat. BlackGryphon & LittleJayneyCakes)

Just me and one of my friend in this game =D

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Widowmaker: how many people did u kill?

Reaper: I lost track.
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Widow: Thees was sooposed too be my 'alloween pahhrty, ahnd you've rhooined it! What do yoo hahve to say for yohhrself?! 

Reaper: *shrugs*
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"Yes you like your costumes but THIS? "
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Too far, Gabriel.
Too far...
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"We were supposed to kidnap the girl, not dismember her!"
"There were no hookers around! What was I supposed to do...!"
"Oh for the love of-"
"What?! I SHOULDN'T grotesquely kill someone whenever the voices tell me to? Come on Lacroix, you're being crazy!"
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loving it,reaper x widowmaker forever
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This is excellent :D Also, that Reaper pose xD
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Widowmaker is so adorable.
I love the blood detail.
What does Mercy sing to Reaper?
This: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHsVGD…
As edgy as Reaper. I hope you enjoyed the joke. If not you have the right to be offended.
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...not really actually XD. Clever little joke!
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He just wanted them to die die die.
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What they need is more hanzo mains.
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Dude just saws bakaw
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FnafXOfficial's avatar
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LOL, it's okay. I'm just being a jerk because this is the internet and I can get away with it. But that legit bothered me. #issues
FnafXOfficial's avatar
It's completely fine I usually do the same.
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I'm not gonna pick Merrccyy
FnafXOfficial's avatar
You should've picked any kind of supportt.
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Your tears are what I live for....
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At first, i thought it was Bloodborne art
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