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Music: 30 Seconds to Mars  – Capricorn
My "original"  character

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(◞≼◉ื≽◟ ;益;◞≼◉ื≽◟)Ψ

Artist in love... The Kate-FoX a YouTube Channel! (blackmambinia)

🖤 I Absolutely Love This Artwork !

🖤 Your Artwork Has Been Featured On My YouTube Channel !!

🖤 Check It Out :

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This is amazing!! :w00t!:
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Its a really energetic drawing... love it... ;)
themaincharacter996's avatar
its so mystical in best way
LordAnshin's avatar
God, I love goggles.
AnynomouSam's avatar
Looks so much like Narvarth from Ythaq : The Forsaken World :3
LordAnshin's avatar
Tigerclaw51731AJ's avatar
What program do you use?
CaptainFuz's avatar
Sai and Photoshop

i think...
Sk0rlypka's avatar
His tattoo on his arm, very much like the label of the Corvo of Dishonered. However, the picture just fine !
anmiychi's avatar
You art is so amazing, i love your art style!
You are so beauty artist Kate-FoX
bifishiar's avatar
This is such a powerful picture - made me stop to look at it for the second time now, couldn't get past it...  :powerup: 
TheDragonsArt's avatar
Awesome! Almost electrifying :)
freakymonday's avatar
Wow! I love this!! The colors are really awesome~ I have a hard time doing colors. :(
ghostprophet's avatar
Love your work. So much _feeling_ in them )
KaribuXY's avatar
Do I spy a little Dishonored tattoo on his left hand back?
VoiceInForestShadow's avatar
He looks so mysterious and powerful. Excellent work!
windryder1's avatar
This is gorgeous. May I please use this as inspiration for a character I've been developing since 2016? I haven't been able to find a good visual representation for Kirino yet, and this is perfect for that character to look at and draw original ideas from. Not a direct copy. More like the pose, confidence, and attitude conveyed in the piece. I needed someone who looked strong, adept at his abilities, but also holding an inner struggle fighting his own morals regarding his actions. 
Kate-FoX's avatar This is my own OC. ^___~
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