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Vampdump Kai and Vicfrid en

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Music: The Living TombStone - Die in a Fire
My "original"  characters
Higher vampires by Kate-FoX 1/7 Kai Navirm by Kate-FoX 2/7 Vicfrid Webster by Kate-FoX Vampdump Gella en by Kate-FoX

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fun fact, Vampires tend to use Blunt weaponry when hunting for food. ussaly in the form of dull Flanged maces or in the case of classier bloodsuckers, A weighted Cain.

keeping Bloodspill and organ rupture to a minimum.

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I am currently watching an Anime called "Black Blood Brothers".
 A recommendation if you are starved for Vampire Animes, Kate-Fox.

Your vampires have a finely crafted feel to it.
 May you one day become a Daywalker! :D
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If Loki and Thor were vampires
lmao great job
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superb and badass!!!! XD

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I adore Vicfrid and I love the comic/narrative stuff you draw!
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Great dynamic!
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edgy vampires beign edgy~
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They seem like the best of friends! <3
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