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Pose study8

By Kate-FoX
bigger size - 50:points:
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UPDATE: Remastered version of this set

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My awesome patrons will get:

- Full set(14 poses) in high resolution ;) (Wink)


  • You are free to use this set. For example: as refs or base for your OC's,  as refs or base in non-commercial works and gifts. But you can't use it as base in  commercial works.
  • Please: DON'T TRACE this sketches-pack IN COMMISSIONS, ADOPTCOMMISSIONS, ADOPT-auctions and commercial works.
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Thanks for the reference: used 13 here:
Winterhaven character profile DELUXE: Killian by MysterMysterious  

please don’t sue me, I can’t afford a lawyer
Mihoshi5's avatar
Hi, I use one with your fantastic poses -> SSE: Palm House
Unlike-Ravity's avatar
Jadenkorr1202's avatar
Wish i could draw like that, good job :)
GuIlherme-Svl's avatar
More pose for me... ^w^
AlexaMayArt's avatar
Wow these are really good!
Guzmanfranc's avatar
Muy buen trabajo ...👌
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loctro's avatar
This is everything that i aspire
MARTIUSdibuja's avatar
los maricas usan referencia >:v
Brokeon's avatar
hey decir eso es irrespetuoso y estupido ,posiblemente tu tengas errores en tus dibujos solo por no usar referencia (solo asumo nada mas) y si es de broma sorry , no queria ser irrespetuoso 
MARTIUSdibuja's avatar
bueno , si fuese argentino pondría al final de esta oración un ''Ah re'' pero sip es una broma que siempre me gusta hacer x'd
ay estos usuarios de Deviantart son tan sensibles x'DD
Brokeon's avatar
sorry pero un profe  me tiro abajo por  un año por usar referencias
MARTIUSdibuja's avatar
SonCloud's avatar
Some of these poses are worthy of being in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and that’s a good thing.
llSammyBearll's avatar
oh wow....they look amazingly awesome ;-;
JoyBuzz's avatar
WOW :0
they look AMAZING
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