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Pose study 49

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Hey! If you like my work:
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High Resolution available through my patreon!

My awesome patrons will get:

- 9 poses in High Resolution(10000x3123)


You are free to use this poses set(refs and base for ur OC's, non-commercial works and gifts, ref in commissions etc.)

Please: DON'T TRACE this sketches-pack IN COMMISSIONS, ADOPTCOMMISSIONS, ADOPT-auctions and commercial works.

You can use them in commercial works as a reference but don't trace.

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ThePsych0naut's avatar
Aw, pregger refs!
HeartStorm4ever's avatar
Finally I found some good references of pregnant women! Thank you!
Thirteen4one's avatar
You should do more of these. DeviantArt could really use some good, anatomically accurate pregnancy refs.
I'm going to draw this for my cousin's baby shower
BondoFox's avatar
Oh I so could have used this a few years back when I botched a pregnant sketch.  Thanks for making it available to us!
HerrdoktorHans's avatar
aweomes sketches <3
fugimoto's avatar
so wonderfully tender and beautiful, :clap:
this is the kind of pregnancy art there should be more of! 
very well done! :iconbowplz:
Plusle-Minun3's avatar
Non-fetish pregnacy art makes me happy sometimes.
artistnae04's avatar
Who'd make pregnancy a fetish?
Ozmond20XX93's avatar
ThePlugStar's avatar
Love your style really. Hope you will be making more of this stuff dude! I find your Poses REALLY cool!
Kai-FNAF-Gamer's avatar
(My irl Lil sis is pregnant A3A)
AmberPuss's avatar
Finally! I aways wanted a reference to a pregnant woman and now I have one :) Thanks! These are beautiful by the way :)
Saphirone-Arnes's avatar
Not many people give help about pregnancy poses and anatomy, thank you !
HardcoreCoffee's avatar
Pregnant woman and their big stomachs...
lovely12341234's avatar
Don't know why I need this...But I do...
mangamaniaciam's avatar
I must confess, you've captured the essence of pregnancy beautifully! Your elf slightly reminds me of my ex's first pregnancy and how gorgeous she was!!
CreepyPastaFangirl06's avatar
Like i litterally just drew a pregnant elf last night.
CreepyPastaFangirl06's avatar
When you find a set of poses that woulve been a great reference for drawing something you already drew....
Катрин! Вас можно поздравить? Или я несколько опережаю события? :D
Kate-FoX's avatar
Опережаете ;) Это нарисовано по обычному реквесту.
Ну, будем считать это авансом за талант! ;)
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