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Pose study 30
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Published: February 7, 2016
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Bigger size of this 7 poses - 100

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High Resolution available through my patreon!

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- 15 poses in High Resolution(12000x2494)


You are free to use this poses set(refs and base for ur OC's, non-commercial works and gifts, ref in commissions etc.)

Please: DON'T TRACE this sketches-pack IN COMMISSIONS, ADOPTCOMMISSIONS, ADOPT-auctions and commercial works.

You can use them in commercial works as a reference but don't trace.

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Vejita00Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I used a pose here. Gloomhaven Sun Class by Vejita00 and here Gloomhaven Spellweaver by Vejita00
Feamair's avatar
FeamairHobbyist General Artist
Used as a ref, but i did on paper, and wasn't planning on putting it on dA, though I might. (I credited you on the paper too.)
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KoroOctoHobbyist Digital Artist
New Partners... for the right price. by KoroOcto  Used. A big thank you from your 13 year old fan in Canada.
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FluffyPoppTartStudent General Artist
Sorry for my language, but why is everyone fighting in the fucking comments??? Seriously stop! DevaintArt is for sharing and making art, not fucking fighting!!! If you have nothing nice to say, DON'T SAY IT AT ALL!!!  
KoroOcto's avatar
KoroOctoHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, it's fine to give your opinion on something. However, some people are giving it very harshly, which is not a great way to sell your opinion, as most people will not listen to you. Deviantart is a great place to share opinions and get advice, but not to put people down...
Well, perhaps I'm too innocent, due to my age, but I do wish that people would be a little more sensitive with their comments. Well, I guess you cannot control people's actions, and words are just wasted breath (or typing?).
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lost-soleHobbyist General Artist
these are fantastic, no tracing here :)

I just fav a bunch of stock for inspiration, just looking at a pose can really bring on some ideas, but the way i draw bodies is never anything like the inspiration....tracing just wouldn't fit my style anyway.

 people shouldn't trace or copy its blatant stealing

thankyou for your work, I found the hunched position inspiring
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Quite sexy stuff right there. th FunnyIdea 
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VainBme's avatar
This is great. Thanks a lot for sharing.
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FanG1rl143Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi there! I am really trying my best to learn anatomy, but I can't seem to develop everything correctly. Do you have any suggestions? I will definitely keep practicing.
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MrsGunsoulHobbyist Digital Artist
Look at real life/people; watch movies and look at pictures of real people and try to learn from that :)

When I was younger I used to just sit in some nice place outside and sketch the people who were around, or at least some simple shades that would form poses :D It's helpful, you get a good idea of proportions and by observing people like that you'll also learn how unnatural some (if not most) anime poses and such out there are xD
metalhartrockandroll's avatar
Learn from text books, not other students who post their work for free on DA. I'd suggest perusing sights like Thriftbooks.com or every Amazon for used anatomy books. You can get your hands on some great stuff for just a couple dollars with some luck.
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JoeganticHobbyist Digital Artist
Strike a pose
K4nK4n's avatar
Yay, more cool poses!
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alpha-denim-recruitHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you use reference phots or just free sketch them?
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You're a bit far away of teaching drawing lessons... There's a lot of things you still hasn't learned yet; every pose in the picture shows error that can get passed onto those who try to learn from you. 
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KoroOctoHobbyist Digital Artist
Perhaps you could point out the errors, or just give some advice? I'm an artist-in-training, and am a big fan of Kate-FoX's art pieces. And while she's much older and experienced than me (I'm thirteen), everyone makes mistakes, and I want to learn from them, so I can continue to improve. Also, I'm interested in everyone's opinions, especially in anatomy. If anyone has any advice, I'd be happy to listen. But please, no aggressive comments. Sharing your opinion is fine, though. 
:) (Smile) 
KnightsoftheArtTable's avatar
KnightsoftheArtTableHobbyist General Artist
What errors exactly? What you might call error might infact be an artists choice of style. Every artist has to find their own style, despite it having "errors". What looks like an error to you might be have a purpose or a certain look the artist was going for but way to put your opinions onto someone else and say what they do is wrong. Nice one you toad.
J-M-D's avatar
"... put your opinions onto someone else['s art] and say what they do is wrong", last time I checked it that was called criticism and it wasn't illegal.

Is Kate-Fox your own sister? if not, I'll wait here for her to complain by herself, I don't think she neither needs a band of fanatic attorneys to protect her nor that she cares about whatever I say...

KnightsoftheArtTable's avatar
KnightsoftheArtTableHobbyist General Artist
Actually this was my first time seeing her work. Dont even know her. I just dont like obviously jealous assholes. Like yourself.
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rays-novaHobbyist General Artist
This is Deviantart.
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You're very right but... This is DeviantArt... Being wrong is fine here and we're all offended at everything.
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