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Pose study 20 REMASTERED

By Kate-FoX
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My awesome patrons will get:

- Full set(8 remastered poses) in high resolution ;) (Wink)

Hurry up to become my patron until  May30th (until 20:00 GMT/ 23:00 MSK/ 13:00 PT ) to get all rewards from #106 Rewards post!


  • You are free to use this set. For example: as refs or base for your OC's,  as refs or base in non-commercial works and gifts. But you can't use it as base in  commercial works.
  • Please: DON'T TRACE this sketches-pack IN COMMISSIONS, ADOPTCOMMISSIONS, ADOPT-auctions and commercial works.
  • Please indicate the source of the reference, if used.
The old set: Pose study 20 by Kate-FoX
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© 2020 - 2021 Kate-FoX
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i think i'll use this, and give you full credit on the base. i'll use this as an OC.

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ThreeViews's avatar here in my eyes is reminiscent of John Byrne
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Thank youuuu!!! :heart:
Mann-of-LaMancha's avatar

If I had my druthers (American portmanteau for "I would rather"), I like your old sets better than the remastered. While the remastered are clean crisp lines, they don't have any line weights which makes them listless.

Which opens up a whole different discussion; should pose examples be works of art in their own right? Do pose examples with weighted lines stop other artists from learning when and where to weight their own lines?

Instead of going down that road, I'll just end it here and say your pose sets, both old and new are awesome.

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Your pose bases are really amazing, thank you for posting so many Heart  they actually help me improve and give me time develop better lines too :D (Big Grin) 
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