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Notes of a fox 1

she say: Never more swim in such an unexplored basin first


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I am confused I only speak English help me out here

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What does it say i can't read it

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Great one !! Ah ah ah !
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5 of those eyes aren't looking at the right place xD
KajiWyldfire's avatar
Everyday problems in the world of an ecchi character. X3
Junkyardrose's avatar
Great!  Wonderful nice story in only ONE picture! WOW! 
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well atleast its giving it back now, right?
redwolfradolf's avatar
Note to self: No skinny-dipping with shoggoths
rumataestorian's avatar
Супер! =) Так мило и по-доброму =)
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*I didn't watch you when you made these. so prepare for fav-bombing*

I don't think you're getting that back. I think you'll have to go on without it. ^^;
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oh my god, ghahaha XD 
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Maybe it likes her?
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Очень понравилась вся серия! Лиса просто очаровательная :з
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^___^ благодарю Вас)
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Хорошо хоть монстр попался вежливый и грязевой, а не тентаклевый. А то помимо лифчика Кэйт лишилась бы и трусов.... и девственности.
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Эт точно)
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