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Merturtles or turtlemaids...

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My "original"  characters

My part for mimimi-artbook with cute mermaids.
Hope U like it ^___^ Full set on my artstation:…

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This is so incredibly creative! I love it!

I bet nobody ever thought of this before. You're a genius! :la:

PlasmaDragonite's avatar
Y'all're just talking about either how it's a new concept for mermaids or pointing out the Finding Nemo eastereggs, but I can't help but notice that the green gal has a jellyfish trapped in a bottle.

Also, you've really made this image look pretty great with everything that's going on in it. 🌊💙👍🐢
JohnMyth's avatar
wow. this is pretty amazing, new concept, great work!
SDWH's avatar
This has to be
The most original mermaid concept
I have seen. ^w^
Never thought of mermaidifying turtles!
Well done!!!
They look like they take a keen interest in life!
Bakrath's avatar
What a cute concept! Very awesome idea about the sea turtle mermaids. I love all the details in the background and foreground (the "Finding Nemo" characters are an excellent touch!). The individual turtle shell characteristics are also very interesting.
interesting concept-I've never seen merturtles before.  nice piece.
dannidzero's avatar
They are so cute! I lean more towards turtlemaids 
NobodyX7's avatar
Anyone else notice Marlin and Nemo in the bottom right corner?
Great work on this.
mariXsesshy's avatar
awww they look so cute and beautifulMeow :3 
Kingdice20's avatar
Super adorable 
OmniWorldImaginator's avatar
...........huh....well that's a new concept I didn't think was possible.....that's pretty neat!
IsiahXBradley's avatar

This is truly fascinating, you really captured the magic of fantasy and the ocean with a sense of wonder, fantastic!

AgentRiv3r's avatar
This is adorable! I love the easter eggs - and the expressions! 
ClaireKHOC's avatar
Oh my goodness Dory?!  And I just saw Nemo and his father too.
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Pixiepastel94's avatar

this is wickedly badass!!!!

Revan005's avatar
kymyit's avatar
they're so beautiful *^*
ScandiYatt's avatar

Omg I just noticed that the Finding Nemo/Dory characters are in there. XD

Great artwork! Really love all the details and i keep finding new things. <3

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NotGodButClose's avatar
This is the cutest thing ever
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