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Cold As Snow

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His eyes are saying. "Great, here we go again..."

SchattenLotus's avatar
Oh, so he got turned into a Vampy* by being bitten by another one? ;)
KehXKeova's avatar
Very beautiful!! :heart:

He looks so tired of everything. XD
alexiane250's avatar
I love his 'i'm so tired of this nonsense' expression
AnathelaRen's avatar
He looks like an elf out of the Silmarilion, I love it!
CristalViper's avatar
AkariMordum's avatar
I just love it... 
kintaraheart's avatar
I love this picture and Lorn is the shit.
Exeidur's avatar
Well, he doesn't look too healthy... At least his hair is still pretty?
TheWhiteSorceress's avatar
that chainmail must've been so long to do!
ashenrisen's avatar
is he going to be okay?
MQayyoom's avatar
Same that's how I feel now
dogman0's avatar
"...clouds are stupid..."
Sorry, that just what I think of when I see this, pfft~!
Lee-Lam's avatar
Oh very nice work.
I especially love the detail of the chain mail. I've had first hand experience with what a pain chain mail can be to get it looking right and this looks great. 
BeamishBalthazar's avatar
I don't know whats going on here, but I dig it!
smokenem's avatar
Excellent expression and posture, as if gesturing an acceptance and readiness to this fate.
PapiTrooper's avatar
Wonderful work !
graydama's avatar
Oh shoot! I'm so curious how this happened! :clap:
Beensaind's avatar
Love the detail!!!
Hicatty's avatar
when u dying but remember homie still hasn't given u back your money
Polyensorr's avatar
Damn I wish I could draw like that
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