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Omg that's pawesome *____*
TheLuckOfTheClaws's avatar
Wait why is it raining blood from the sky
KhadiEderbald's avatar
It's not from. It's raining up the sky.
SuperAndroid18-z-af's avatar
Is there a fic i could read this : D ????
RavenclawPotterhead4's avatar
does this mean she's a vampire now?
or do u not go by the "if ya get bitten by a vampire u become one" thing?
Kate-FoX's avatar
The bite is not enough to become a vampire ;)
RavenclawPotterhead4's avatar
ok lol i got confused XD
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Hey Kate,  absolutely  love your art. Especially the ones around your fox spirit as I love them. I did fan art of your main oc and I hope you like it.  A gift to Kate Fox. by Minethekitsune
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Ooooo ooooo.  That looks really painful.  Then again.  Getting bitten by a vampire would hurt
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O.M.G  MEH LIKEY When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) THIS IS SO FUCKING HOT ASJKDJKSAHDJHSAJKFHJKDSHFKJSDHKGDSHJKFHDJSFHJKDSHFJKDSHJFSHDJFHDSJFHJDS (srry about my potty mouth. if u want me to edit it out i will)
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did someone say bill Cosby 
bubbleblower420's avatar
did someone say Sam Weinstien
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I feel like this could be in an interesting Vamp/Furry online read
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soooo goooood~
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"Dammit! This is NOT the time for one of your fetishes!"

-Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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