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Above the clouds

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Oh hell yeah, "Septimus" is an amazing song for this drawing.
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I really like this piece, if I would change something, it is probably the birds in front of the first zeppelin, instead I would add fewer birds and maybe slightly more detailed ones to enhance the depth even more.

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how awasome this isssssss
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Blimp race! Also, incredible story-inspiring artwork.
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can totally see this being in an anime :D great work keep it up
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Couldn't agree more
CommonCrow's avatar
Everything about this piece is magnificent! Especially the airships! 
Amethyst-Phoenixx's avatar
This looks sooooo gorgeous!! :love::love::love::clap::clap::clap:
Trippeys-Art-Room's avatar
From the moment I saw your work years ago, you've been my favorite artist. At this point, I don't think that's ever going to change. Keep up the great work c:
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I truly look up to you as an artist and I hope one day I can be half as good as you!
Kanji-The-Wanderer's avatar
Beautiful, amazing work~!
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I love the background - looks epic!
But she still is so scary!
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I like the colors and design.  The composition is well done as well.  Looks like it should be a tv show! Nice job
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Nice!!!! Does she have a story or Bio?
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Wow this is awesome! I adore the details in the blimps and the design of the girl! Excellent job! :clap:
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stunningly detailed, just incredible
Dragon-Shifter's avatar
Hands down some of the most beautiful sky-ships I have seen in a hot minute. Bravo, would you be opposed to me incorporating these designs into my own project? 
Kate-FoX's avatar
This part of my own project. So my answer is "no". I'm against it. ;)
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