Avengers x Abused! Reader Bucky Barnes

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Published: May 1, 2014

Bucky Barnes

                “Steve, I have to go,” I said quickly to Steve, unwrapping the cloth around my hand. Steve Rogers, paused mid punch and stared at me. “I just got I call from (Name). She needs my help,” I explained. Steve nodded understandingly and put another punching bag on his hook. I smiled to him. After all those years being apart and after all the fighting, he was still my best friend.

                I dashed out to my car. As the wind whipped my face, I noted how strange it felt not having long hair anymore. Once S.H.E.I.L.D. fixed me up, I figured it’d be best to become a decent human being again, thus I cut my long hair back to how it was before all of this. Before Hydra had gotten to me. Before Steve was frozen in the ice of the Atlantic. Before (Name).

                Oh how I loved her. (Name) was so sweet and kind and completely adorable. I thought it was very amusing and cute when she stuttered and blushed, which wasn’t hard to make her do. Especially if you were Tony Stark. (Name) blushed at almost every compliment given to her, Tony found it fun to mess with her about it. Normally I would get mad at Tony for smothering the person I loved most in the world, but she didn’t seem to mind and looked totally adorable when she blushed.

                When I first saw (Name) she was in the lab with Dr. Bruce Banner. He was practically giving her a lesson on gamma rays. She was a brilliant girl but how he survived some much gamma radiation puzzled her. I never officially met her until later that night. The team of Avengers usually spent a good deal of their time in Stark Towers, considering that it was the closest to S.H.E.I.L.D.

                (Name) was simply reading her book, when I was first brought to Stark towers. The others where conversing with one another…well…more or less arguing. When suddenly (Name) slammed her book shut, and stalk to over to Tony. She hit the billionaire on the back of the head with it. “Knock it off,” she had hissed and glared at all of them, “You aren’t children,” “Maybe if you stopped mothering us all the time we wouldn’t act like children,” Tony shot back. (Name)’s (e/c) eyes where cold and hard as she glared sharply at the brunette. Then she stalked back over to her corner on the window sill, and continued to read as if nothing happened.

                My first impression of the girl was simple: cold, quite, and emotionless. Later on I found she was much more than that, with a complex personality and a sad back round. She was an only child whose parents where away often, but she had a few close friends who were her family. She had once told me that she protected herself, not with armor, but by blocking those who would harm her out.

                (Name) was loving, kind, smart, protective. She wasn’t exactly a people person either, she preferred the company of an animal or a book. I use to always see her a Stark Towers, that was until she meet Allen and stopped working at S.H.E.I.L.D. after that I had little or no contact with her what so ever until I had gotten that desperate call.

                It made my heart beat faster finding out, that (Name) had called me out of everyone. If it where me I would have called Tony. Don’t get me wrong that guys a complete ass hat sometimes, but if I were in her position Tony would have made the most obvious choice. But no. She chose to call me, the least useful of the Avengers. The Avengers with a ledger that was gush with red. A red that I could never wipe away. She picked me, James Buchanan Barnes.

                I arrived at her house and ran up to the porch. I used my strength to kick down the door. “(Name)!” I called. A small ‘help’ could be heard from another room. I made my way through the house, toward the sound of the ‘help’. The turned the door knob.


                I sighed I was going to have to kick down the door again, that was not my thing. I threw my whole body against the door, causing to do to pop off its’ hinges. The site I was about to see was something I wasn’t prepared for, something worse than I had imagined.  Junk was all over the floor, glass was spread out around the floor, and (Name) was curled up on the floor in a pool of her own blood.

                “Oh my god! (Name)!” I dashed over to her, “What happened?” My survival instincts, from the war, kicked in. I quickly ran to the adjoining bathroom, and searched for her first aid kit. I knew she had one. (Name) wasn’t stupid. “I… he…” she stammered, before she broke down. I had never seen her cry before. Never ever. She always said it just wasn’t really her thing.

                I returned her, with the first aid kit in toe. I sat her up to inspect her body. “It’ll be okay (Name),” I whispered to her, pulling her close to me. “Where are you hurt?” I asked again. She pulled up her shirt slightly. A deep gash was across her side.

                I tried my best to stay calm. On the inside I was freaking out, the cut was fairly large size, but I couldn’t let her know I thought it was bad. She trusted me.

                “I can’t sow you up, but I can at least stop the bleeding,” I told her. She nodded. As gently as I could, I taped the gauze to her wound. I picked her up bridal style and I held her close.

                “Don’t worry (Name). You’ll be fine I promise,” I told her. She didn’t say anything. Her grasped loosened around my neck. “(Full Name). You do not I have my person to pass out,” I said using my soldier voice. She chuckled weakly and nuzzled into my chest.

                I waited for quite some time at the hospital. I was sitting there with my head in my hands until my pocket buzzed. I got a text. From Steve.

“Hey what happed?”

“Allen, the guy she was with, wasn’t home, but she was. It was really awful. He tried to kill her.”

“I’m really sorry. Is (Name) alright? Clint asking about her,”
“I don’t know. They won’t let me see her. I’ve been her for god knows how long. I do know that she did lose a lot of blood though,”

“We’ll be down there as soon as we can,”

“Okay, Steve. Thanks.”

    Finally someone came and told me I could see her. “She’s not awake,” the nurse told me, “We don’t know when she’ll wake,” the nurse walked away leaving me to sit and stare at door. (Name) might not wake up, as in she’s in a coma. My body trembled. She looked so alive, yet so lifeless. Air caught in my throat and I could barely breathe. I yanked the door open and shut it quickly behind me. I stumbled over to the chair beside the bed and collapsed in it.

                I felt the hot, salty tears streak down my face. “Why?” I asked allowed, “Why does this have to happen?” then I turned to her and grasped her limp hand. It was still warm, but barely.

                I wiped my cheeks dry of the tears, only to be replaced with new ones. “Why (Name)? Why? I know you’re stronger than this. You’ve never given up before,” I asked her, pretending she could hear me. I stroked her (h/l) (h/c) hair that framed her face so perfectly.

                “(Name), I need you,” I whispered, through my tears, “I need more than anything in the world,” I scooted my chair closer to the bed. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I murmured, “I could have helped you, I could have stopped this from happening,” I stopped trying to wipe away the tears, and let them flow freely. “You’ve shown me that even with a red ledger I can still be loved. I can still be human. And I know now, that I love you, (Name),”

                “I love you too,” a voice murmured. I snapped back to my senses and felt the pressure that had formed around my hand. “(Name),” I stood suddenly. “Don’t ever cry over me again,” she said sternly, then grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me down for a passionate kiss. When I pulled away, I smiled softly to her. “You’re okay,” I breathed. “Of course. Who would take care of you guys if I was gone?” she said brightly.

                I frowned. I could hear past her brightness. “He isn’t here,” I said taking both her hands in mine, “He won’t come near you ever again. Never. That’s a promise,”

                (Name) never saw Allen again. I made sure of that. Allen had come to see her once after we brought her back to Stark Towers. I wouldn’t let him near her. When he asked ‘Why?’ I told him it was promise. And one I intended to keep.

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'Bucky's not an avenger'.....WHAT? ................... just kidding. I know he's not, but this was requested and stuff so I figured it'd be easier to just add him to the list. 

Anyway disclaimer. This is the last one of this series I shall be doing. I hope you liked it. Any request let me know. Watch out something I intended on doing: Avengers x teen reader x father Loki Here I Stand Complicated i know, but wait for it to all unfold my lovelies.

Intro: katcraft455.deviantart.com/art…

Hasta La Pasta APH: onion austria 
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weirdgirllovegasterHobbyist General Artist
bucky is just 

s e x y
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edgirl1Hobbyist Artist
In my head Clint is my boyfriend but if he is takin than buckey is my second choice 
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hehehihi2023Hobbyist General Artist
*immediately puts in favorites*
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ZD-44-13GeekHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am like that Joey gif when it said Bucky is not an Avenger. I believe he is an Avenger😊

I hope he is considered as an Avenger in The Infinity War movies😄

Bucky I love you!!!❤

*By the way, I am NOT a fangirl of any sort. I am just a geek☺
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Wolfie-G-DrakeHobbyist General Artist
I'm a little bit disappointed that you didn't write that Bucky beat Allen up.....
But I love the fic it self! It is rather adorable ^^
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katcraft455Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! I'm sorry to disappoint you.
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Wolfie-G-DrakeHobbyist General Artist
Oh, you didn't disappoint me! I really liked it ^^
 I'm just a sadistic fucker XD
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katcraft455Hobbyist Writer
omg same
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leaderlessmusicStudent Traditional Artist
Waitaminute. .........Allen?  As in 2p america ? 
Narrows eyes
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LivUndomielHobbyist General Artist
O my gosh I just realized that. Never trust most of the 2p's
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leaderlessmusicStudent Traditional Artist
Dem 2ps  *shifty eyes* they're everywhere! 
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cici-cupcakeStudent Photographer
Wait guys in the first part it really is him! His name was Allen Jones! Guys!!
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cici-cupcakeStudent Photographer
Yeah I once met a guy named Oliver. He liked baking too much to be a coincidence
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leaderlessmusicStudent Traditional Artist
*sirens* *hudles behind Russia* only the Russians can save us now 
Nobody gets past Russia*hides*
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Russia and his 2p probably get along. 
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Can I hide with you? *calling in SHIELD to help*
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leaderlessmusicStudent Traditional Artist
Yes! His coat has lots of space! Just bring a sunflower
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cici-cupcakeStudent Photographer
Okay *moves over and hands the flower*
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BellaAlesterStudent Digital Artist
The grammar is terrible. But it was an adorable story~
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"If I died, who would watch you guys. Well, kids." Is what I would say.
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XxCoolestChicHobbyist Digital Artist

Bucky: In the story, it just said that I said why didn't YOU tell me! 

Oh.... JAMES BUCKY BUCHANAN! HOW DARE YOU CRY OVER ME?!?! Cry run SpongeBob (Cries) 

(SpongeBob's face tho)
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XxCoolestChicHobbyist Digital Artist
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fefe1966Student Digital Artist
'Don't ever cry over me again' Sounds like something I'd say. :3
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