comments getting lost?

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EDIT 2- I'm still missing some! o.O  wagh..!

EDIT: Problem solved!! - somehow my comments had switched over to display oldest first!! XD Now I feel a bit silly for thinking DA was messing up, but it sure as heck confused me why I wasn't receiving notifications of any new comments! 

Cheers for the help guys! :) 


Hey gang! how are you doing? .. so I just noticed that I haven't had any notifications in my message centre for the last few days worth of comments...!  o.O 

Makes me wonder what else I'm missing! 

Anyone else getting similar problems? 

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deviantART has a nasty habit of changing their site layout, drives me nuts!! :shakefist:
Try to use a diffent browser, sometimes that gives yet another layout (your messages might be hiding under a menu or buried on Page 2) :thumbsup:

If that doesn't work, log in from a different computer. That will give you a fresh login, without any cookies to screw up the menu / layout settings :nod: