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The Hanging Tree - Speed Paint

By KatCardy
Been reading a really good book lately; "World's End" by Mark Chadbourn (sent to me by the lovely ~el-texugo- thanks hun!). - Although I'm normally a very slow reader this book's so gripping that I haven't been able to put it down!
It's been giving me so many vivid mental images while I've been reading it that this evening I had to do a couple of speed paintings to make the most of the inspiration while it's still there... this one was directly inspired by a scene from the book, where the main characters enter an sacred wooded glade and realise the trees around are adorned by the long-dead heads of those murdered by ancient Celts... despite it being set on a beautiful and balmy sunny day it's a really creepy and chilling scene...
Reminded me of the "..Drowning..." speed paint I did back in August last year; [link] Figured it'd be cool to do another one.

An hour, photoshop 7.
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I'm the author of World's End and i just wanted to say that's a fantastic piece and really captures what was in my head.
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Wow! I don't get much time to be on here nowadays, let alone comment, but I just had to say something about this because it was so eye catching! You said it yourself, despite the beautiful weather, it's really chilling. Great work! :3
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cheers hun! I don't get much of a chance to do scenery-based stuff so this was an interesting break from the norm for me :)
Cheers for commenting! ^_^
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Wow that is one of your darker works . Very scary Katty! . May I ask ? Do you like the paranormal much?
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thanks Ben!
Yeah I'm a fan of fantastic stuff in general, ghost, ghouls, myths and monsters... if it gets the imagination going it'll score points with me! :)
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Well Katty I used to hunt things like that . I think I even may have captured such a thing on camera!

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a friend of mine is really into orbs on here ... personally whenever I've caught them (lots, as I've spent a lot of time skulking around in basements and service tunnels under public buildings etc) I've put it down to dust. - there always seems to be a lot of it around in the areas I've found them and the flash picks them up. \:]
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You really go on ghost hunts? We really have to talk! I still have my ghost hunting equipment from my EMF meters , night vision optimized camcorders and the good old fashioned torch ;)
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Beautiful lighting!! love the dappled effect coming through the trees ^_^
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the lighting is amazing hun!
and i love the forground element
lush work!
creepy work...... but lush!! :D
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cheers babe! I wouldn't wanna picnic there.. that's for sure! ;)
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Oh, that IS creepy! Great use of color and how the small bundles look innocuous until you see just that one head in detail there.

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:evillaugh: thanks! I kinda like how it's vague at first :D
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Way creepy (brilliant use of focus! ;-) )
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thanks hun! ^_^ and Cheers for the favs :)
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You're welcome!
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Wow, you do creepy REALLY well. :O Love this!
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Hey cheers babe! ^_^ .. I don't do it often enough, but it seems once the bug bites it takes a while to shake off again! lol :D
Thanks a lot for commenting and faving :) :hug:
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