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Liberte Egalite Fraternite + charity auction



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"Shocked and saddened by the recent attacks on Paris I was feeling hopeless and unable to help. I started drawing (that's generally how I process most emotions!) and pretty soon I had an idea for a tribute piece, featuring Marianne (who symbolises liberty and reason & the French Republic) holding a crowing Gallic rooster (the rooster being symbolic of the strength of the people of France). The title "Liberté égalité fraternité" was the motto of the French revolution meaning freedom, equality, and fraternity.

The more I worked on the piece the more it evolved (this was produced over several days) and the more news was coming out about events in Paris I got the idea that maybe I could help after-all. - That's when I decided I would auction the line-art of this personal piece, along with a signed, colour print of the finished, digitally coloured version, in order to help raise some money to MSF.

I hope you like it, and even if you don't want to bid perhaps you'll consider sharing this, in order to help more people to see it so we can raise more. "

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:bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletblue: Nous Sommes France :bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletred:
C'est pas possible pour comprendre les actions des terroristes ou des personnes qui acceptant avec leurs actions :(
It is impossible to understand the actions of the terrorists, or the people who agree with their actions :(