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yay notes

By KatataEtc
notes make me happy :dummy:
so I decided to do this to show how I act when I receive a note.. joking XD

update :paranoid:

the notes sign was stretched and i didn't realise... now it's fixed :lol:
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Hi, im interested, I've read your info and looking for a pic 
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Seeing a note containing a finished commission is my favorite drug here on DA :D
Sicarina's avatar
heheh. I simply love this! C:
Hetalia-Bubble's avatar
Lol. I react this way to any kind of message. I really love to read something and respond! :la: I feel really special when someone tells me thaat they like my artwork! :aww:
Tibby-san's avatar
Can I use this as an avatar?
KatataEtc's avatar
sure c: just credit :D
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who dosent get happy with a note?
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Haha! That's what I did when I saw that I had 72 notes the other day! Hehe.
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How the heck do you make emotions? Btw ITS SO ADORABLE <3
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lol thnks :giggle: I use a very basic software to create cursors ^^;
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What softwear do you use to make like.. those emotions the blobby things xD
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it's called icon craft
o-Oart-of-wishesO-o's avatar
may i use these on msn?? please.
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:giggle: nice concept. The expression chosen is nice, the emote is a great colour and the dancing animation isn't bad.

However the notes symbol looks stretched and distorted which is a little distracting. Might be nice if you could fix it
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okay, I will :)
thak you for your comment :aww:
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Enviame una nota..y yo dire WTF, sacare una sonrisa lalalala..:sing:

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this is awesome, something I would want to use... in a note =p
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