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Trionfi Arcana: Nabi Kim


(clapping hands) lets go lets go lets go 

Stage name: Silk

Given name: Nabi (butterfly, endearment for cat)

Origin: Eden (South Korea)

Ethnicity: South Korean

Age: 19

Height: 160.2 cm/5’2”

Weight: 45 kg/99 lbs

Blood type: O




Born in South Korea, Nabi and her family moved to America for most of her childhood. She was ostracized for not only being Korean, but for her looks and voice. She was bullied relentlessly for not being pretty enough to be a girl and sounding too ‘manly’
. She found her escape in music but most importantly through hip hop and rap. She kept it a close guarded secret, a guilty pleasure of sorts since she figured that if she already didn’t fit in, this would be the final nail in her coffin.

Years of this passed, trying to fit in to the standards of everyone around her but becoming more and more miserable with every day. Not girly enough, too fake, too loud, trying too hard, too much, too other.

By the time they moved back to Seoul when Nabi was 15, all of the built up years of repressed emotion had turned into righteous anger. She used this to fuel her own music, her own lyrics. Sick of acting how everyone wanted her to act, she made a promise to herself to do what she wanted, how she wanted and no one would be able to tell her otherwise.

Throughout high school, she became known as something of a force of nature. An enigma of sorts; outspoken and bright but prone to disappearing off on her own and never having time to hang out after classes despite her ever growing popularity. She was charming and popular with her peers but kept a careful wall built around her explosive exploration into the underground hip hop scene.

It started on a whim, following a whisper from an offhand comment on the street and she found herself wrapped up in her loosest, darkest clothes, hat fixed firmly on her head and a face mask in place. No one questioned her and if they did, it was to a silky smooth rebuttal; scathing in content but delivered so easily that it would take a few beats of dazed silence to realize that they had been thoroughly dismissed by the tiny figure in black.

She hadn’t meant to step up onto the stage. It was a night when the whole day had been filled with memories of her strained past, words bubbling in her throat, fighting for an escape.

And so she let them go.

Her debut spread like wildfire through not only the community but also, surprisingly, online. A shaky fancam captured the startled hush in the beginning and the subsequent roaring that erupted from the crowd somewhere between the first and second verses. It was exhilarating and Nabi's mysterious air only added to the spike of attention. 

Through the low mumbles and recounting of brief interactions, she was given the stage name Silk for her low register and quality of voice. It was said that she once brought a grown man to tears using nothing but a few choice words and her popularity only grew more and more. 

Of course, this was all under the impression that she was male. 

She knew that it was safer and thrived under the guise of anonymity, rapping about racism and inequalities that she had faced both in America and back in South Korea. Her low voice and ambiguous clothing were enough for everyone to not question it up until she was approached one day to be a part of a new hybrid competition/reality television show. It would bring together people from various backgrounds in an attempt to see if they would be able to collaborate and create a song and performance from scratch. 

Intrigued, Nabi readily accepted and by doing so, launched herself into the spotlight. Riding the waves of press and a new, almost rabid online audience, she made her way back to New York City - where she had spent her childhood. She figured that the vaguely cryptic email she had received was part of the show and since one of the other members was based in NYC, it seemed like everything was aligning perfectly. 

She had already changed her life once, she would gladly do it all over again to become the best that she could be.


Confident | Charming | Mouthy | Free-spirited | Playful | Independent | Likes Having Fun | Selfish 

If there's one thing that Nabi doesn't lack, it's confidence. She hardly doubts herself, making decisions swiftly and saying whatever is on her mind and dealing with any repercussions that may arise afterwards with a bright, unashamed smile. Lucky for her, she's charming enough that when dealing with .. roadblocks, she can usually get away with things. 

A free spirit at heart, she does things her way and loves hurtling headfirst into whatever life has in store for her. She tries not to let anything hold her back or get her down, preferring to spend her energy in things that are meaningful, like her career and goals. If conflict can't be resolved quickly and cleanly, she won't hesitate to completely drop whatever it is that's causing unnecessary negativity around her. 

While all of this has fed into her successful career, she fixates on continuously improving and writing and is extremely aware of her time as a commodity. She struggles with balancing her work and having a personal life - the most long lasting relationships in her life would be with her parents and even then, they are very aware with how single minded focused she is and are content with supporting her from afar. 

Strengths & Weaknesses: 

+: self motivation, hard-working, silver tongued, intelligence  

-: self interest, hyper fixation on goals, can barely lift a 5lb weight 

- has decently good stamina from performing for hours at a time and she works out daily but she's pretty self aware of how small of a chance she has physically against most people
- would really rather not fight mostly out of self preservation - she has too much to want to live for, thanks

- extremely deep voice, really smooth and pleasant to listen to even when she's tearing you apart
- can sing decently well if she tries
- her music deals with a lot of social issues but mostly she likes to drag asshole men and bigots

Nabi (c) Me



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