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Lily Evans and James Potter

This is for all of you who said to me "MORE HP ART! ...pwease?" Uhh so James n Lilykins possibly at the end of 7th year? I donno... pre-deadness anyway... Hope you like!

James's shirt says 'HOT OR WHAT?'

James, Lily © J.K Rowling
Pretty picture © Me!
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© 2005 - 2021 KatArtIllustrations
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Luv your art, BTW.
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I loved how determinated and devoted he was to getting Lily. Yet I never completely found my way to him. He was a bastard to Snape and a bully.
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this is really beautiful, i love your style in drawing :) x
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Not exactly how I imagined them, but I like James' t-shirt lol
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beautiful! James looks sooo gorgeous... and Lily reminds me of Anna Kendrick, which is awesome!! :D
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Very well made! Perfect!!!
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James makes me think of John Lennon lol, I imagine him like this though. Good job!
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GOD it's so PERFECT. o.o

Come to the dark side,
Peeta baked cookies.

"The music teacher asked who knew the Valley Song and your hand shot straight up." ~Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games.

Peeta asks," You love me. Real or not real?"
I reply, "Real."
(The sound of me dying.)

Percy Jackson Divergent Harry Potter The Hunger Games The Maze Runner YEAH.

Only a small amount of people will get this.
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WHY is this so Beautiful <3
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Your one of the best drawers I've Eva seen!
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This is stunning! They really look just how I would imagine them.
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that is sooo cool!!!!
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that's amazing :D
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love love love c: <3 james looks exactly how i imagine him :D
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so awesome. Love James's shirt lol
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This is amazing. I love it :)
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I just realized... Harry looks like James, right? Well, Lily has red hair like Ginny, so they look the same too. The only difference, if you think about it, is that Lily has green eyes like Harry, while Ginny has brown eyes like James does! At least, I think he does...
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James has hazle eyes ;)
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When I saw this on Pottermore I knew I it was yours and that I've alredy seen it before^^
It's great. I have sent you a friend request, I'm Patronusmidnight196^^
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