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Cave of Dragon's Bane

Part of the same world as: The Lantern Forest, Absence, Land of the Hat Shadows and The Rotten Raven... To the left of The Lantern Forest, there’s a waterfall, behind the waterfall is a cave called ‘Cave of Dragon's Bane’ No one quite knows how the dragons of the world were turned to stone, or why they were all in this one cave, but the myth says on the night of the full moon the underground lake begins to smoke...and thats a tad weeeeeeird, so most smart people tend to steer clear of it...

Uuuuuh pretty much an attempt to keep sane amongst all the commissions I’m doing atm, took about 9hrs... I could do a lot more with it, but I need to get going on the next commission, so ENJOY!

Again done with a touch pad, I is too poor for a wacom tablet :( if it's too dark for your screen let me know, its good on mine but I can always put a lighter one in scraps :)
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wow, really nice. very mystical hehe
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i adore it - the details, the amosphere.. fantastic!
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Thanks!! I'm glad to hear it!
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...and I was like:


Liek...wth, you mean one of those titchy things you get on a laptop? :wow:

If not...still :wow:
KatArtIllustrations's avatar
yeah the horrible little laptop things!
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touchpads, that is, not Gods
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OMG you are like...GOD or something! I hate those! :worship:
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LOL! Yeah I hate them too! ONE DAT I will have a tablet!!!
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*determined look*

Have you tried looking online? I got mine (well, my dad did) pretty cheap. i think there was an A5 Wacom for about £30? I sometimes wonder if I should have chosen that, since this A4 one's massive...
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Yeah see I'd need an A4 one at the least, but I dont have the good $100 they sell them for, even online
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which reminds me, I still have to work out a way to give you monies.
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Thanks Jeff! Its always nice to get your oppinion!!! :D :D :D
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Kat when most of us are bored, we read a book ... or sit at the computer doing mind-numbing things like looking at friends art ... or play music ... or wach daytime TV ... or eat
WTF? Creative pursuits? Expressions of your intellect? Productiveness? Go get a life!
Anyhow - Judge Judy's about to start - ciao
KatArtIllustrations's avatar
HAHAHA I watch mind numbing TV at the same time :wow:
lord-kes-la's avatar
Now that is just rediculous. Let me give you an example of the proper way to spend a day:
Wednesday: Woke up, felt like crap, grabbed phone (which i keep by my bed in case of such emergencies), cancelled day's plans, went back to sleep - later ... woke up, sat at computer randomly surfing, sat in front of tv watching taped episodes of spicks and specks, played music for a while whilst i blobbed, made a few phone calls, cooked dinner
MULTITASKING??? i fear you have a very serious defect in your laziness gene - this may require drastic surgery!!!!
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If I could do that, I'd be bored ALL THE TIME.
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LMAO!!! This is what happens when I let my mind go crazy on paper. I should do so more oftern. Its fun!
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cool shading affects like darknes
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