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I tried to make The Alethiometer out of a pocket watch :P I havent put the glass back over the top yet because it needs one more hand, but I dunno if I'll ever bother with that... so for now, it's finished.


So seeing as it's small and only has one place to turn the hands, I'm going to say that this is a long lost prototype of the Alethiometer that we see Lyra use... hence why its a little banged up on the outside... its been buried for years and only recently unearthed :D

Oh and feel free to ignore the paint under my nails... that how you tell I'm am artist... hands constantly covered in paint...
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Hi! I was wondering if it would be possible for u to make one of these that I could buy? They don't sell the noble collector ones anymore and I was really upset when I found out so I was hoping that I could find a handmade one that I could buy and I thought that this one was really awesome! I've been looking everywhere so plz get back to me with ur answer as soon as possible 😊
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How does it work?
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Excellent! How did you remove the existing watch face? Did you use watchmakers tools to remove the second/minute/hour hands? What is your Symbol ring made of (printed on paper, etc)?
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That is like too good :3
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Oh my god - want soooo bad. Amazing work!!
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This is amazing.  It is beautiful. 
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So beautiful! You did a great job!
how did you make it?
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Great Idea Now you can tell the time AND the truth
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This looks amazing! How did you make it, if you don't mind me asking?
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Ohhh myyyy lordddddddddddddd
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Is that a One Ring I spy on your finger?
Gorgeous (:
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Such a good idea, and your craftsmanship is impeccable.
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Adding a sprinkle of Dust would be really effective!
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Love the detail! Great Job.
How did you know what all the symbols were? is there a list somewhere?
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Ummmm yeah theres a list I think it was on Wikipedia, but also my book cover has them all on it ;)
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OH MY GOSH!!!! WOOOOOW! Oh I want one. This is incredible!
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