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the hell are these

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Published: August 29, 2012
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No, this is not the only picture I drew in my whole existence.
There's more stuff in my gallery. Stuff that looks a lot less sketchy. That looks decent, even. I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but you may want to take a look at those, too.

I'm not answering anymore on this one because. So if you have an inquiry about anything, it probably got already answered. So yeah. Check the comments. ALL of them.

Or read the following, if you're too lazy.

♦ I got a lot of messages about 'What about bones/muscles/eyes/whatever?'

There are 206 bones in the human body.
First, I really don't have time to do that. I have a real life to attend to, I go to school six days a week, and I have a job.
Second, as much as I love bones, they really aren't that varied, and couldn't be as versatile as the organs. Sure, they change in shape, size, and type, but in the end, they're too rigid and non-moldable to make anything interesting out of them.
They pretty much all serve to one purpose, sustaining the structure that is, unlike the organs, which have different uses. This means that they wouldn't have as much 'personality' as the organs, and it would get boring and repetitive pretty fast.
The human body has 656 muscles. All I said about bones not being versatile as organs, counts for muscles too.

♦ That being said, don't ask me to draw more. I really don't like fossizing on only one subject for a long time. I like moving on, drawing other stuff, going out my comfort zone. Drawing the same shit over and over is boring and kinda noxious to anyone's art development. So don't just watch me because you like these. Watch me because you like my other art as well.
I'm done adding stuff to this. I drew it on a simple whim. A whim that went stale after quite a short amount of time.

♦ The Appendix, in case you're blind, is on the large intestine's forehead. No, I'm not making it into a separate character.

♦ The Lungs are different one from the other, yes. The left lung is smaller and has three lobes, the right one has two lobes. Just below, you'll read "This is only a little reference for myself, no effort whatsoever was spent on any of these. No texture, no shading, no lighting, just simple lineart and colours slapped in in less than five minutes.". I was totally not expecting this piece o' shit to get so insanely popular, so I just drew the organs' basic shapes, not going as far as detailing them that much.

I WAS about to change their design, but as always, I got bored with the subject, and left it as it is. Because of this, I don't think I am going to name any of these anymore.

I think this is enough to answer anyone's questions.


Added in Spleen, Male and Female Reproductive System and Skin.
Bonus: PMS!Uterus and Potato Chip Spleen, which I decided to add because I thought it looked hilarious. I love its vacant stare into the void.

I was initially going to draw the Bladder as a separate character, but I decided to fuse them with the genitals because reasons. Same goes for the Prostate Gland.
Genitals are, obviously, the only ones who are gendered.

Man. I still need to give them proper names.


Look guys I made cute anthropomorphic organs. Organs.

Yyeah. I thought it was a nice idea at first, but after colouring them I could not help but think that this was one of the silliest ideas I ever had.

I don't think there's anything to say about this, besides the fact that the gastric acid dripping from Stomach's tail is corrosive. And the Appendix is located on the Large Intestine's forehead, in case you were wondering.
AND none of these little guys has a gender. Because gendered organs? That's stupid.

They also doesn't have legit names for now. Were you really expecting me to name these. Hahaha. Haha. Ha. Nope.
I will look up for those later, though.

This is only a little reference for myself, no effort whatsoever was spent on any of these. No texture, no shading, no lighting, just simple lineart and colours slapped in in less than five minutes, before SAI decided it was time to be a dick and stopped working all of a sudden. I swear technology hates me.

I may change their design a little later on, especially Small Intestine's, Stomach's and Lungs', they feel sort of incomplete to me.
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