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This happens when I eat too much shit right before going to sleep.

I dream of.


Don't ask me what is this supposed to be, because I have no clue. Especially those thingies around the face.
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It's a sentient bowling pin.
nuff said.
sassmaster-scieszka's avatar
It's creepy, yet strangely adorable.
TheAwkwardKhajiit's avatar
Please share this... whatever it is you eat, cause I really need the inspiration...
Zegaroth's avatar
A flower of Ultrasoul! I've been looking for one of these.
ridollstix's avatar
I can just imagine what this creature feels like~~

You gotta love a perfect blend of creepy and adorable!
Katarsium's avatar
I can imagine it as being soft, kinda rubbery. And sdfj thanks! <3
ridollstix's avatar
Same here! I just want to take a bite hug it!
Fuposey's avatar
Man why do you always have the best dreams.

How much shit do I need to eat before bed to achieve this?

And pretty much anything eye-related creeps my skin out. :stare: I just... want to poke it.
WhiteCroe's avatar
If you eat a lot of chocolate before you sleep you can have nightmares...
Katarsium's avatar
Nah, they kinda suck in reality. The ones I can remember at least. The ones I can't, THOSE are awesome.

You much eat everything. Everything.
inezuu's avatar
So trippy.
Looks like some kind of intestinal flower which went wrong and is now wrecking havoc across your genes. O_O
Love it though.
JellyBeanBullet's avatar
it reminds me of a bowling pin, a scary bowling pin
Katarsium's avatar
Or a sea anemone. Man, the possibilities.
YattaYattah's avatar
Avevo letot Inception gdfh
Sembra un birillo con una mano alla fine con al centro un occhio 2XSENSES COMBO
Katarsium's avatar
E' ufficiale, sei dislessica.

Un birillo molto cauai~! ^__^
YattaYattah's avatar
Sì non credo di averne visto uno più cauai
DrKeyboard's avatar
kata y u so good
Katarsium's avatar
I was gifted by the Gods.

They're kind of assholes though because if they really cared about me they'd have given me maximum talent already and I wouldn't have to improve.
DrKeyboard's avatar
kata you big dumb that's what they already did you are perfect remember

perfect little octopus
steam-pistols's avatar
its cute .. in a weird way : O
i-eat-dogs's avatar
it looks really cool and neat! maybe you should eat more shit before goin' to sleep xD!
Katarsium's avatar
Hah thank you!

Maybe I should. Maybe. >~>
LemonPetals's avatar
Oh it looks creepy!
Like a fallopian Tube and the egg has an eye
like it's waiting for the right know since
babies are like parasites to the mother before birth...Oh gawd!
it makes me quiver xD
Siare's avatar
Give me your dreams >:V
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