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How did I know Mara Jade would be Luke Skywalker's wife even back in "Heir to the Empire"? BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO KILL HIM! Rule of thumb: if a woman hates you at first in the SW Universe, she most likely-after you've journeyed with her-will fall in love with you.

Mara has always been the perfect foible for Luke. She truly was "the other half" of Master Luke Skywalker. She will be missed...

I found this art file at:[link]

It was drawn by Chris Trevas for the Star Wars Essential Guide to the Force.
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I'm reading the first novel of the Zahn trilogy right now, and I'm wondering to myself, how the hell do these two end up getting married in the future, she hates his guts! 
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🤷‍♂️ Just remember who Mara THINKS Luke is at this point: a self-centered, glorified terrorist who killed the Emperor and ruined her life for fame, glory and power.

Mara was a BRILLIANTLY developed protagonist in Zahn's books and one of my ABSOLUTE favorite STAR WARS characters ever written, Legends or Canon.

But she was developed over YEARS of love, fan support and a great author who fleshed her out and created a special new character for us to love!

Mara found herself after all those years---in the timeline as well as in the real world---having faced various trials and tribulations, victories and failures, heartaches and moments of rapturous joy...

And wasn't created JUST to becone Luke's wife.

😁  In fact, Zahn never had ANY intention for those two to get together at aby time. It was only after the fandom's love of the character that Lucasfilm decided to marry the two off years down the timeline.

Stick to the Zahn books! Those craxy kids find each other somehow!
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Luke you Lucky bastard.
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No she wasn't. She was an OC from a bunch of fanfiction. Good riddance. I'm glad Disney decanonized that crap.
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The new trilogy feels more like fanfiction to me.

(The last Jedi is borderline parody)
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Not sure if you are trolling or you are really trolling?
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Well not for me.

I just admired its history.
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You sir is a fool.
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Wow...did you kill a puppy after making this comment? Yeesh...

For all it's flaws, the Expanded Universe was a fun bit of adventure and romance that several million people have enjoyed for DECADES! The countless artists, writers, video game designers and actors who were allowed to play in Lucas' creations have made such an impact on the franchise that you can hardly watch a TV series, movie or read a comic or novel that HASN'T been influenced by genius writers like Timothy Zahn, Michael A. Stackpole, Troy Denning, John Jackson Miller, James Luceno and so many others who weren't driven by some mandated drive to create a multi-billion dollar franchise for the sake a quick buck...

But frankly, who do YOU think Luke Skywalker should have ended up with? No one, since Jedi can't marry? I've heard them all...
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The movies are all that matters, not those fucking comic books, video games, novels, etc. This review says it all best:

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the Movies are a mess at the moment
... I think I will stick with the books
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🤷‍♂️ And that's all fine and great...

Yet since 2014, Lucasfilm announced that---save any LEGO projects and the BioWare video games (KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC & THE OLD REPUBLIC)---ANYTHING released under the STAR WARS brand would be part of the unified Canon.

The new comics, video games, novels and the like WILL be recognized just as Canon as the films and TV series.

To to honest, the ongoing MARVEL comics STAR WARS line and the DARTH VADER series have produced some of the GREATEST storylines and characters that the company has come up with in YEARS!

The Legends stories might NEVER have been Canon, but they were a fun and creative addition to the STAR WARS mythos, whose influence can't be ignored.

Frankly, I just wish the comic writers were working on the films, since most of their stories have been more creative and original than most of the things Kathleen Kennedy has put out since she took over Lucasfilm.
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Excuse me flaws? Without the expanded universe star wars wouldn't be that popular, The EU is canon who would let a company say otherwise? And jedi could marry from 25,000 bby until 4000 bby then exar kun happened and the jedi order got my restrict. Luke saw that and wisely ended that restriction. there is nothing in the code that forbids love without love you would be a sith. 
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Luke: Kids, this is the story of how I met your mother...
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I'd SO watch that series!
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Y a lot  of people hated the EU. What an overcomplicated relationship.
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Overcomplicated relationships interesting than normal one's
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*more interesting
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Still better luck then his dad in the movies;)
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Imagine someone asking them how they met.

Jedi Recruit: Hey, how'd the two of you meet?

Luke: It's complicated...
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What, you mean your wife has never threatened to kill you? Come on, it's obligatory!
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Haha! I love this, I am a die-hard L/M fan, so this is perfect! :D
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