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Nuzlocke on Ice: Chapter 9, page 10

By Katarinu
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We've got a trustworthy character here, lads.

:iconkatarinu: ~ art and story
:iconyuriakashu: ~ editing, proofreading, beta reader

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Mate, you know how to design sleeze. I wouldn't trust him with a pez dispenser. 
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Ha! :XD: Thank you!
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Magikarptastic! :D

It just so happens they they'll have a whole $2 left over after that. XD
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binge read the entire thing, this is a rlly good story! Also Blueberry is adorable
Katarinu's avatar
lskdfjsd Thank you so much! ;w; And thanks for reading!
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oh hell no! he did not just pushed away the cuddly turtle
Katarinu's avatar
He did >:C Bad
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I have a question about the blue rules : Zubat can be seen as blue?
Because I think that it's the only one blue pokemon who can fly in Kanto, well except the legendary articuno XD

YES Magikarp XD
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As far as the blue clause goes, it just has to blue according to Bulbapedia. ^^
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.....well Gyrados are blue .....
Katarinu's avatar
They sure are. :D
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The magikarp song plays in the background*
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The Magikarp Festival song from Pokken has been an absolutely blessing as I worked on NOICE pages up until this point. : D
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Do it Roland! get the Magikarp, you'd be a full to not get it to evolve into a Gyarados! 
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