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Explaining Fangirlism



I'm...not sure how it happened. I'm not sure why it happened. But as I was randomly chatting with Robyn and Anchan...this came out.

Kat: "I'm kinda like...I'm the Earth and my brain is the ozone layer. When the sun radiates it's lovely rays of manmeats, most of them get bounced off. Some get suck in, however, and get trapped. So like...Mike and Trace? They get sucked in and trapped. They are my greenhouse gases. They make me hot." (Robyn: "Hey-oh!") "Joel? He comes, he gets bounced off and back into space. Occasionally - no, rarely - rarely, the Joel-ray will have a goatee. He'll get sucked in, but then while he hangs on Earth, he shaves and gets kicked back out into space."
Anchan: "Where do you come up with this stuff? Dang."
Robyn: "I'm lost, I think you need to draw a chart."

And this was made.

Crackiest piece of junk EVER.
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Ahaha, I love it! 8D

"...Lovely rays of manmeats..." <3