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I haven't been on DA in like.. a long ass time. I have tons of art and cosplay to post but Tumblr ate my life so I'm just so not up to date. I suppose I should start the long journey of updating my DA now.


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Our big box of wigs just came in.. er. We're doing Reborn and Pandora hearts for Kawaiikon 2011... so, look forward to that?
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Nothing much to report here. I went to the Toys and Joys event before Halloween, and went as Matt from Death Note. Then on Halloween I was Navi, because I was totally telling Cori, who was Link, TO HEY- LISTEN! XD

I posted two new pictures and I might post more later. Who knows. I should really.. yanno, draw something too. I haven't drawn in ages. Fffff.. life.

So I walked around Waikiki for Halloween, and my god.. there were so many hoes. I had no idea that Halloween was an excuse to be a slut! I learned something new today. And I feel, that if we were taking shots for every whore we saw.. we'd be very wasted lol.
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Yah know, most people don't even ask questions. I wonder how many people in my life even know I'm gay? I know that doesn't really mean anything, because it isn't like I sit around staring at every girl that passes by lol- no thank you. But really, that's something I'm proud of, and I feel like I have to hide it.

How come straight people don't have to hide that they're straight? Oh yeah, because people don't judge them. I guess it's just something we deal with in life, I know I am, my best friends know I am, my girl friend defiantly knows I am, and my family .. seems to have always known! LOL! My mom even said, "You know, me and your brother had a bet going on how long it would take you to tell us ;D" and I about died.

I'm so used to my friends and family being so supportive, and loving me no matter what- that sometimes I forget that other people's families and friends.. might not have been so open and welcoming. Maybe that's why they don't say anything, or maybe that's why they feel the need to be hidden? Who knows, I just know I'm a very open person. Be you gay, straight, bi, trans, it doesn't matter to me- you are who you are and I'll like or dislike you on your character, not who you love.

Everyone has the right to love freely, God made us in his image- and God loves everyone. I don't understand why people think God wouldn't love you because you love someone of the same gender. God loves everyone, regardless. But again, I guess I lived in a happy little bubble, my mom is a very open and honest lady, and that's how she raised my brother and I. Lmao, my brother goes to Gay bars because the beer is good and cheap, they're cleaning, they play good music, and the people are friendly! He's about as straight as you get, though sometimes I wonder XD

Anyway, the point of this is, I don't get why people don't ask. I suppose it could be seen as rude, and I suppose some people either don't care to know, or just don't want to know. Some might see it as personal, and none of their business.. but I see it like this. We're friends, it's part of who I am, and until you can accept that part of me, you aren't accepting all of me. I want to accept all of my potential friends for who they are, so why wouldn't I as well want to be accepted? This world won't stop fearing what they don't understand, till we try to help them understand. Fear is.. well, fear.

Even if this has nothing to do with fear lol, but you know.. I'm babbling. In the end, this is me, and I am who I am. I won't check you out, I don't give a shit if you're getting dressed in front of me I'm going to turn away out of respect and the fact that I don't want to see your naked ass LOL, I don't like EVERYONE I like the one woman I'm in love with and that's that, I will think guys are hot I just don't want to jump their penis, and I'm not going to flirt or hit on anyone. That's retarded, I don't even want to think about hitting on friends and being serious!! Joking is one thing, but hitting on is clearly another. No this doesn't change everything, and no this isn't a big deal in the sense that I should be treated different by the people that didn't know. I don't want people to act awkward around me either, because I'm more likely to check out a pretty plant on the side of the road, than check you out. I have eyes for one person, and one person only, and I love her dearly. It's just.. me. I was me before you read this, and I'll be me after you read this. I don't walk around looking like the butches dyke you're every going to see lmao, and I won't start doing that now. I mean really? People could be a Lesbian or Gay and you'd never even know, I pass as straight all the time. Not that I'm going out of my way or trying, people just assume.

I rather you not assume :( because people have been saying hurtful things, and things that make me insanely uncomfortable lately- without thinking about it- because they don't realize it. I .. can't really get married or have kids without a lot of complication, and I don't want a boyfriend. I can't even touch part of this, because I'm not supposed to talk about it, but there are things being said to.. er other people, that make me want to cry.

But that's beside the point, it has nothing to do with this post. This post.. is just to say, Hi, I'm Angel, I'm Gay, and that's okay. It's part of who I am as a whole, and if you don't like me after you find out, then you were never meant to be a friend of mine in the first place. I'm sorry you feel that way, good day to you sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!

<3 I love you guys, you're great friends. I hope that.. the ones that didn't know, are still great friends.
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So I made Cori [ gw33t3r_love ] a new Deviant ID, LOL I haven't made my own yet, wth, and I hope she likes it. It's transparent so you have to full view to actually see it. The thumb nail looks HIDEOUS, so please to be full viewing.

I just ate some chocolate, and now I'm off to try to come up with yet another brilliant design for myself.


I used the good one on her lolol XD
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