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Hetalia OC Test [UPDATED]

Basic Character
[ ] Represents a country that already exists in canon (+10)
[ ] Represents a city, state, or a non-country (+10)
Is the country one of the following?
[ ] Antarctica (+4)
[ ] Czech Republic (+3)
[ ] Mexico (+3)
[ ] Greenland (+3)
Is/Does the country
[ ] Speak a language non-native (for example, Czech Republic speaking Chinese I don't know) (+5)
[ ] Older than they appear? (China is 4,000 years old but he looks like he's in his 20's.) (+2)
[ ] Does the character have blonde hair? (+3)
[ ] And blue eyes? (+2)
[ ] Does your country have a color of skin or hair that is not part of the majority of the population? (+10)
[ ] Is your character albino? (+20 and you should really do some research because albinos are REALLY rare)
[ ] Does your character have unnatural colored hair/highlights? (+5)
Does your character resemble
[ ] America (+8) 
[ ] England (+5)
[ ] Germany/P
:iconleijon-heart:Leijon-Heart 99 182
Hetalia OC Test
Hetalia OC Test
'x' for every yes.
Personal Information
[ ] Is the character a country?
[ ] A gender-bender or alternate version of an existing, official country? (Ex. Amelia F. Jones, Lovina Vargas, Kika Honda)
[ ] Is the country Czech Republic, Ireland, North Korea, Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, or Indonesia?
[ ] Is your character a state? (Ex. California, New York, Florida.)
[ ] Have a name with an initial in the middle with no meaning? (Ex. Lily K. Jones)
[ ] Blood-related to America?
[ ] Adopted by America?
[ ] By a country that (the real) America does not have contact with? (Ex. Argentina)
[ ] Is it New York, Hawaii, Alaska, California, or Florida?
[ ] Does your character have an unusual human name for where he/she lives? (Ex. a girl named Madeleine that lives in Japan)
[ ] Is your character really old, but has a young appearance? (Ex. China is a 4,000 year old man, but looks like
:iconleijon-heart:Leijon-Heart 41 70
Blank Hetalia OC Sheet
Country/City/State Information-
Capital City (if country):
Biggest City:
Boss (Mayor/President):
Flag (Coat of Arms):
Biggest Ethnic Group:
Language(s) spoken:
Human Information-
Current Residence:
Language(s) spoken:
Bad Habit(s):
Culture Favorites:
Anything on your body that represents your country?:
Potential Love Interest:
Foreign Relationships:
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Youtube Channel by terraventure Youtube Channel :iconterraventure:terraventure 4 1 HETALIA COLLEGE ART MEME. by Hetalia-College HETALIA COLLEGE ART MEME. :iconhetalia-college:Hetalia-College 370 62


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Viktoire Hyde Yandere Simulator OC

|| █ Personal Info █ ||

█ G e n e r a l;

Full Name: Viktoire Celeste Hyde
Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Vikki, Tori
Age: 16
Birthday: 5/14
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: German-American
Blood Type: B
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic

█ P e r s o n a l i t y;

Personality Traits: Hardworking, compassionate, creative, silly, sarcastic, talkative, stubborn, forgetful, easily irritated
Likes: Drawing, family, friends, animals, food, reading, writing, water/swimming, music
Dislikes: Trash, bullies, violence, animals being harmed, loud-mouthed people, the cold+wind, 
Fears: Acrophobia (Fear of heights), Arachnophobia (Fear of spiders), Claustrophobia (Fear of small spaces), Coulrophobia (Fear of clowns), Thantophobia (Fear of death or dying)
Special/Significant Belongings: Celestite necklace given to her by her mother.

█ P h y s i c a l  &  H e a l t h;

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115 pounds
Body Type: Ectomorph
Piercings/Tattoos: Pierced ears
Scars/Distinguishing Marks: N/A
Any physical disabilities/diseases/ailments: Slight limp with her left leg due to an unstretched tendon.
Any medications/treatments: N/A

|| █ In Game Info █ ||

█ S c h o o l; 

Year: 2
Class: 2-1
Club: Art
Former Club(s): None
Persona: Loner

█ R e l a t i o n s h i p s; 

Relationship with Ayano Aishi? (Yandere-chan): Classmates
Relationship Status: Single
Family: Ludwig Hyde (Father), Helena Hyde (Mother)
Crush: Shiromi Torayoshi
Best Friend(s): Geiju Tsuka, Shiromi Torayoshi
Friends: Budo Masuta, Haruto Yuto, Osoro Shidesu
Acquaintances: The Delinquents, the Rainbow Six
Enemies: Musume Ronshaku, Kashiko Murasaki, Hana Daidaiyama, Kokoro Momoiro, Hoshiko Mizudori

█ R e a c t i o n s;

Witnessing Murder: Would cover her mouth with her hand to stop any screams escaping her, would call the police.
Discovering A Corpse(s): She would probably nearly throw up then call the police.
Discovering Blood: Inspect it to make sure it's blood and not paint, then will inform the faculty about the discovery.
Witnessing Yandere-chan Visibly Insane: She would probably ask Yandere-chan if she was okay, but be watchful for the rest of the day.
Witnessing Yandere-chan Holding A Weapon (Bloody and Not): She'd freak out and immediately tell a teacher.
Witnessing Yandere-chan taking panty-shots: She'd be completely disgusted, but too scared to call her out.

█ R o u t i n e;

7:00-7:05 - She'll arrive at school and change her shoes.
7:05 - 8:00 - She'll go spend time in the Art Club.
8:00 - 8:30 - She'll sit at her desk while on her phone.
8:30 - 1:00 - Class time
1:00 - 1:30 - She'll eat her lunch in the Art Club.
1:30 - 3:30 - Class time
      3:30 - 4:00 - Cleaning time
      4:00 - 6:00 - Club Activities

Template Used:
Annaliese Kohler Reference Picture New

Basic Info: Annaliese Köhler/Viktoria Laakso

Birth Name:

Annaliese Köhler

Adopted Name:

Viktoria Laakso (Later Viktoria Abel)




May 14th, 1902

Death Date:

June 5th, 1999




Berlin, Germany (0-6 months)


Helsinki, Finland (Ages 6 months old-18 years old) Berlin, Germany (Ages 20-37), Amsterdam, Netherlands (Ages 37-97)

Eye Color:

Light Prussian blue

Hair Color:

Ash Blonde


Slightly wavy, cowlick, and reaches mid-back.


5'1/154 cm


120 pounds/54 kg


German, English, Scottish, Irish, French, Swedish, and Finnish



Languages Spoken:

Finnish and English; learning German and Dutch.


Annaliese has many things that she does enjoy. Some of the things she does enjoy are drawing, which she's done for years, writing, she does that in her spare time, reading, she reads whenever a chance is given. She also enjoys animals, such as horses, cats, and dogs. Other things she likes are her family and her friends, which she adores them. She likes to swim at a lake whenever her family does decide to go to one. She loves listening to music, especially classical music, such as Tchaikovsky. Annaliese also has a love for ballet, she finds ballerinas absolutely graceful, and pretends to be one when no one is around to see. Her favorite ballet is between Swan Lake and the Nutcracker, she can't choose between them.


Annaliese dislikes quite a number of things honestly. She can't stand it when someone is very uncouth. She dislikes when people tell her when she's wrong, even if she is wrong about something. She absolutely hates being ignored and she always craves attention from family or friends. Another dislike is that of her stubbornness, but honestly, she can't help it. Annaliese hates loud noises; she's despised any form of loud noise for as long as she can remember, although she doesn't know why.

Birth Family:


Lutz Köhler (Deceased)


Anika Köhler (née Blaire) (Deceased)


Bergen Köhler (Brother) (Deceased)

Adopted Family:


Fredrik Laakso (Alive)


Katriina Laakso (née Åkerman) (Alive)


Alexei Laakso (Brother) (Alive)


Alyn Abel (Husband) (Alive)


Mathias Abel (Son) (Alive)

Dean Abel (Son) (Alive)

Victoire Abel (Daughter) (Alive)

Personality Type:


Annaliese is a girl that is very aware of her surroundings and knows how to read the mood. She knows when someone is angry; she knows when someone's sad, and more importantly, she knows how to give people their space. She is usually calm, even if someone lashes out at her. When she does get angry, she does one of two things; yell at someone and release her anger that way, or go to her room to release her stress on something soothing, like drawing. She is an introvert at heart, but she loves the friends that she does make and will treasure that friendship until the end. Annaliese is extremely loyal and hardworking, earning everything she wants from hard work because she knows that's the way you can truly appreciate the things in life. She values the good things in life and she’s caring. Annaliese's also pretty sensitive, seeing as other people's emotions will affect her as well. She can be very creative in her thinking process as well, such as using strings to tie up fencing if it's semi-knocked down. She's been raised to be honest, ever since she could basically walk and talk. All she's ever known was the truth; her parents and brother never really hid anything from her. But sometimes she can be a bit too blunt, which she doesn't mean to. She tends to space out in the middle of a conversation or school, however, resulting in somewhat lower grades than expected, except for History and creative writing.


Annaliese was born to King Lutz Köhler and Queen Anika Köhler on May 14th, 1902. She had an older brother, Prince Bergen Köhler, who is 13 years older than her. It's a pretty large age gap, but her parents were pretty young, having Bergen at the ages of 20, and Annaliese at 34 years of age. On the night of October the 21st, 1902, her family was assassinated by men from Finland. Before her mother was killed, however, Anika managed to quickly hide her in some dresser drawers, trying to keep her baby out of sight of the men. Of course, Anika ran from the room to try and keep the men away from the room that baby Annaliese was in. The men had yelled at the family to give the location of the daughter, but Bergen yelled at them to leave her out of it, to which he was then hit with the butt of one of the men’s shotgun. They then proceeded to line up the king, the queen, the prince, and 3 maids, having 3 men take two lives each. A man named Arvo Heikki, had killed a servant and the prince, though he was reluctant to do so. Once the shots had been fired, the cries of Annaliese had swept the halls, causing Arvo to take off running down the halls of the palace to find the source of the wailing before it was too late. He had found the princess in one of the drawers, making his heart sink to his stomach. He couldn’t kill this baby, he was threatened to kill the prince and maid, so he had no choice.

        Arvo muttered his apology to the baby, knowing that it wouldn’t even matter in the long run. He quickly had put his bag down to place Annaliese into it, making sure that she was comfortable. Whenever she had made any sort of noise, he covered it with a loud cough to ensure that his comrades didn’t discover her. They eventually had gotten to Helsinki, Finland. While the men were proclaiming their victory, Arvo broke off from the rest of the group to find a basket and some blankets to keep Annaliese warm. Once he had found what he was looking for, he put her into the basket, covered her up, and put a note with her that said,

The girl was born on May 14th, 1902, so there’s no need to give her a fake birthday. Please take care of her, I’m so sorry.


Arvo left her on someone’s doorstep, knocking before running quickly. A woman in about her early 40s had opened the door to find the baby in the basket. The lady, Katriina Laakso, had called to her husband, Fredrik, to come downstairs. They were talking before their 4-year-old son, Alexei, had come downstairs to see what was going on. They all then decided that she was going to be apart of the family. Alexei got to decide her name, Viktoria.



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