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TIE/D Experimental Droid Starfighter

The TIE/D began as an experimental prototype droid variant of the standard TIE/LN starfighter.  The first prototypes were regular TIE fighters old Vulture Droid brains jury rigged into the cockpit pod.  However, though this original design was promising, the old Vulture Droid braisn were not up to the task of piloting a TIE fighter.  Thus Seinar Fleet Systems designed a new model.  The central cockpit pod was redesigned to accomodate Cybot Galactica's new Ace-6 pilot droid brain.  The standard hexagonal solar wings were replaced by comparatively slimmer rectangular, variable geometry solar wings.  With a pilot that weighed only ten kilograms, SFS was able to equip it with limited shielding.  Though TIE/D proved a versatile and agile fighter, many imperial officers and governors preferred to use manned TIE fighters over these automated ones.  Still, the TIE/D did end up being used in remote outposts, on smaller capital ships, and other Imperial military units that were short on pilots.  However, one thing all imperial officials can agree on, the TIE/D is arguably more maneuverable than other TIE fighters because its droid brain is immune to gravitational forces, wich allows the TIE/D to push itself to its structural and engine limits.

This image was created using line art drawn by :iconwingzero-01-custom:.

For more information on the TIE/D, go to the following site:…
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