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RA-7 Protocol Droid

In terms of droids, Arakyd Industries was best known for its Viper-class probe droids.  However, Arakyd Industries made ONE attempt to branch out into the protocol droid market.  Around about the beginning of the Clone Wars, they introduced the RA-7 series protocol droid.  The droid's bland and stern personality programming and capabilities were not adequate to stand up to Cybot Galactica's popular 3PO series protocol droid.  However, upon the rise of the Empire, Arakyd Industries saw a significant upturn in its fortunes, with numerous imperial contracts.  This included the purchase of thousands of RA-7 units.  These were bought by the Imperial Security Bureau, upon the secret orders of the Emperor.  The RA-7's were NOT all that useful given that there were other protocol droids on the market, however, this did not stop the ISB from modifying the droids with espionage equipment, surveillance gear, and holo-recorders.  The ISB gave the RA-7's away to high ranking imperial officials as gifts.  This was to enable the ISB to spy on the Emperor's minions in order to weed out those who were disloyal, treacherous, or treasonous.   While the Grand Moffs, Governors, Grand Admirals, and Generals quickly figured out that the RA-7 droids were spy droids, they could not simply return a gift from the Emperor.  Thus, the RA-7 droids began to be conveniently lost or stolen.  In time, RA-7's began to be seen doing such mundane jobs as monitoring traffic around the Corellian shipyards.  When the Death Star was completed, and taken over by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the ISB did not trust him to remain loyal to the Empire.  Therefore, they sent thousands of RA-7 units to the Death Star to spy on Tarkin and his followers.  This is when the RA-7 units began to be called "Death Star Droids", especially those painted black.  Though thousands of RA-7 units were destroyed with the Death Star, the nickname stuck.  In the years since, RA-7 units have continued to eke out an existence on the protocol droid market.  It remains a cheap alternative to the comparatively expensive 3PO unit, despite its reputation as a spy droid, and its infamous nickname.  It is not unusual to see RA-7 droids in junk shops, used droid lots, and even being peddled by jawas.…

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