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Meet the Eeveelutions

With all the eeveelution fans out there, I thought this would be a worthwhile project. :la:

Pokemon designs (c) The Pokemon Company

Stock images:
Fennec foxes - [link] [link]
Vaporeon's fins - [link]
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Pictured is made in 2010. Sylveon became famous in 2011/2012 when Driver SF was released.
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do you even know what a sylveon is? >:(
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This was before Sylveon
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Dude, I don't think Sylveon even existed yet 
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*intense break down by adorableness*
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Can you make Sylveon in this style?
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Wow, This looks awesome!
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you didn't actually dye them did you
Of course you didn't that would be animal cruelty
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just because it's cruel doesn't mean it doesn't exist. anyway it's photoshop, though you probably know that by now

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damn WOW OoO amazing
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Their so adorable!! They look so real, and i just want to hug them,
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Espeon is the only one that looks like a cat
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actually, the eeveelutions were based off foxes, probably fenetic foxes.
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if you look at fennec fox, you will notice the ears look like espeon's ears. Though, espeon could be based partly off a cat, All eeveelutions including eevee are based off foxes. I mean, does eevee look like a cat to you? No, how about the other eeveelutions? They don't look like cats. Espeon being the only one in my opinion. The eeveelutions look like fennec foxes to me, with the ears, the muzzles, and the sizes are about the same.
Then again, this is only my opinion, you don't have to believe me if i don't convince you. Heck, i might change my mind in the future
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Trying to get Umbreon and espeon on my pokemon X game :D How do you make it so real?
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Oh my this is so cute!!!!
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