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Celestia: "I hope Luna loves this."
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And see, that was my one and only problem with that episode...that it established Celestia can cook quite well. I admit, I had taken secret pleasure in the idea up to now that she, in fact, couldn't cook worth beans. :P

Otherwise, grand episode. :)
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Beautiful  work on her
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Download (1) by TheCartoonWizard  PANCAKES! PANCAKES! PANCAKES! PANCAKES!
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Best Princess.
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She really cares. :heart:
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Looks amazing!

(Love it if she drew a lenny face on the pancakes one morning xD)
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Good morning, Princess. How are you doing this morning?
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Now we know why Twilight love pancakes that much.

Wonderful work
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Those are some quality pancakes
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Much better! Thumbs up  
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kay no booties hide my comment if you want
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But I kinda liked the sunny buns...
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okay this is for you Mollestia Plot 
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Don't lose your measuring spoon in the pancakes, Tia!
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