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#478 Katragoon - Paradise Dragon [AUCTION][CLOSED]

Many colors :0

Reply to the last bidder!

CLOSED - by CatKoiCalico for xXMaeDragonXx


Bullet; Orange Uncommon - Multicolored Eyes, Whiskers
Bullet; Red Rare - Slit Pupils, Scattered Stones, Spaded Tail, Translucency
Bullet; White Special - Wings

Main rules:

1) Only bid if you have the funds available! You have to pay within 24 hours after the auction ends. If you still can't pay after that, I will either offer it to the previous bidder or re-open the auction.

2) Taking part in the species community is for fun, but not necessary. See the group or ask KatAkillus for rules on official design changes. Do not edit the original artwork!

3) The buyer will receive a full resolution image of the original artwork with a fainter watermark if available. It can be uploaded to,, etc. but with a link back to my account if possible! Purchasing a new, previously-not-owned adopt will also earn you 5 bits (Katragoon currency), although whether you take part in the community is still up to the owner.

4) You may re-sell, trade or give away the adoptable, but don't sell it for more than the price you paid. Also notify KatMasterlist if the adopt changes owners so we can keep track!

5) A design that has been paid for will not be revoked.

Katragoons are a closed species.

Art & Species © KatAkillus aka ThatKiku 
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alternate title for Paradise Dragon:


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ummm I have a question ^^ what do you look for in an adopt you like/want to buy?

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Are you asking me specifically, or for a tip for how to make designs for sale?

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and yes, i want to sell designs

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just wondering what traits of a character from an adopt makes u want to buy them

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I think one of the main thing I, and subconsciously probably a lot of buyers look for is good proportional usage of space, and it's something beginners tend to fail with. Anatomically, trait-wise and marking-wise. I once drew these cookies to explain it to someone. It's not very attractive to look at a design that has unproportionally small detail clusters on a bigger empty canvas. But it's pretty satisfying to look at one that makes perfect usage of the space they have while not having everything covered in millions of markings.


Another big thing I notice for beginners in the overuse of very saturated colors. (Aka always favoring the neon corner of the color selector box). There's definitely beautiful neon designs out there, but imo they're much harder to pull off well if you don't know what you're doing. I would honestly recommend looking at all kinds of designs from other people that you enjoy, open them up in your art program just to check, where does the color picking tool land. It's often way more desaturated colors than you realize.

Thirdly, which is more of a preference thing, but what the human brain subconsciously looks for, is contrast and complimentary colors. They won't appeal to everyone, but a good use of that is something I definitely always look for.

I won't give you tips for what kind of animals or animal parts or whatever to use, because that is entirely up for individual preference, and you will make the best designs if you draw what you enjoy. If you spend a lot of time in specific art communities, chances are you already are into what your first line of customers are into. Only thing I'd suggest is, a twist of something original is always a big help. Nothing is truly original, and you won't even have to create your own super original species. Just, if you draw a dragon, maybe steer clear of basic plain red skin and yellow belly 'cause I would probably forget about its existence a minute after I tab out, you know? ;)

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oml I copied this onto a doc it almost covers a whole page-

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Thanks so much! I sometimes have a hard time figuring out how to draw patterns or thinking of shapes but for know I'm gonna try to lower the amount and try to spread them out evenly.

What you wrote was really helpful and its like an entire essay! I'll try to make extra pallets so whenever I want to make an adopt I'll use one of them. Again thanks for the info!

(btw I hate those choco-chip protein bars where all the chocolate chips are bunched up mostly in one space haha)

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Theory is one step. It comes with time and practice to really get the hang of it. I definitely struggled a lot more myself 4 years and 400 designs ago haha. Also there is nuance to everything. Don't feel like you have to cover the whole surface of your creature with patterns. Plain areas to allow your eyes to rest on are also very valuable. And making things too even can look unnatural.

Like if you look at the design of the Paradise Dragon up here, the lower half is all plain white, while the upper half is covered in colors. And then the white-black spots are not covering the colored area equally, but rather come in various shapes and sizes and are more heavily present on the rear.

Another good example is on this one:

#472 Katragoon - Night-Time Snow [AUCTION][CLOSED]

Notice the white spots come in clusters of variety in sizes and distance from one another, and there's black areas with hardly any white spots. Which may sound contradictory from what I said before, but then again it pulls things together as a whole, because I'm handling the black+white spots as a single design element. If that makes any sense :0

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:'O i too enjoyed these explanations and tips very mucho. do you have some more gems on your process and thoughts? thank you for writing up these babes. in any case--i love your work! this little paradise drag just instantly caught my eye for how unique and wonderfully elaborated it is <3 its wing, horns, the lil rocks on its back... so much attention to detail without being overbearing and letting the eye rest. so cute!

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You're welcome :D I suppose I probably do, but it's easier if I have more specific questions to answer haha.

Also thanks! Btw can I ask, where did you come across this design? Just curious because I get views and favs on it every day and its stats are way above any of my other deviation, so I'm just wondering where are all these people coming from xD

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Oml you could write the best book in the world with these tips-

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Gosh this kat looks stunning!!! <3
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Bid here!

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Autobuying as a gift for @xXMaeDragonXx

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<3 If paypal, send me your email please!

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