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enjoy everything.

this is the second installment in my Yotsuba DA stamp collection.

The first one can be found here:…

(you need a DA subscription in order to use stamps)

and yeah...I do not have a DA subscription....but I still enjoy making stamps. XD


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Omg I actually read the first manga its like my fave
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This is practically my own catchphrase nowadays, I love Yotsuba so much~!
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I envy Yotsuba's ability to enjoy everything!
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Yuhuuuuuuu Yotsubaaaaaaaa!!!!! :D
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Yotsuba!! :la: I love that manga~ ^^
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My personal mantra
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I love Yotsuba! Her cuteness only compares with Pino(Ergo Proxy) :love:
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"enjoy everything" ... I love that. xD

Gotta love Yotsuba~. :3
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I love this girl!

Yotsuba&! was the first manga I've ever read, and I'm still in love with it today!
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Love this series! I too lack a DA subscription, but I still like collecting these stamps. ^___^
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So simple and perfect, love it! Great color choice for the background.
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My outlook. :nod: I'm loving Yotsuba& since a few days.
Goes in my little stamps collection 'til I have a sub ^^
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can i know who is yotsuba?? n_n
artisticDARIA's avatar
lol, she makes me smile :aww:
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Uh muh guh... I love Yotsuba even though I've only read the first three books of the manga. ;w; *uses the stamp*
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w00t!yay for yotsuba-chan!!! :woohoo: :w00t:
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yay! yotsuba stamp!
i love it. i wish i had sub so i could use this
fullmoonkodochafan88's avatar
Isn't this quote in the manga? Like, it'll go "yo" "tsu" "ba" "to" "!" and then it'll say "enjoy everything".

^^; Ne, sorry for the long comment. But great job, loving it! and so kawaii! <3
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Oh, SO used! <3
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