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Moving Accounts

Yep, I'm using my FeebleLittleMind account as my main account from now on. Why? Because I have no use for this account, really. Also, there's no point using an account that's always inactive.

But mainly to see who actually gives a damn about what I post.

By that, I mean I want to know how many of you actually give enough of a damn to read this, go over to my other account and watch me there.

So not only will my FeebleLittleMind account be a writing account, it'll also have cosplay pictures and my drawings!

But I'm not closing this account yet. Once I've cleared up a few commissions and art trade, I'll be closing this account and using my main account. So for the last god damn time, tell me if I owe you anything!!!

Quiting Sonic Art

I made a journal awhile ago asking if anyone would be mad if I quit drawing Sonic art, and after a few responses I didn't quit and continued drawing Sonic furries.

Well this time I don't need an opinion.

After finishing all my commissions, requests and art trades, I'm going to stop drawing Sonic furries. Why? Simply because I've stuck to this style of drawing for more than three years, and I've finally gotten tired of it. And this time, I'm not fishing out for opinions as to whether or not I should continue drawing it or not.

I do what I want, simple as that. And I don't need everyone's opinion to live my life.

I still don't mind looking at Sonic fanart, I'm just tired of doing it myself.


On a less pissed off note....
Armageddon Expo is soon, so I'll be cosplaying Demyx from Kingdom Hearts II!
My costume is near complete... I got my cloak shipped here.. I just need to make my wig and my sitar... so any advice would be much appreciated!

That's it for now.. I've become so boring and such...

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So do I have to un-watch you now? I understand about quitting Sonic Art...Was that the meaning of that little picture/screenshot you posted?
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Inner reasons which I'm not bothered explaining :)
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I quit sonic art AAAAAAAAAAAAGES ago. xD

*goes to mix various sodas*
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I don't see a problem with people 'quiting' a fandom. What bothers me is when people make a big deal about it by posting a journal. If was your choice in the first place to never draw anything but Sonic related art. Take what I do for example. I've slipped from drawing furries and the like a lot unless it was via cmsn (lately most of them have been seedrian or human as well, which quite frankly I'm pleased about).
Either way back to my point, I don't understand what draws people to want to post a journal about it? And It's not just you! its like... 98% of everyone who stops drawing sonic (which again I have no problem with, just the journal which is usually a good source of drama.)

</end rant which is caused by her waking up to early and still being half asleep>
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I do know that, yes. But then again, I've come across one particular person who thinks otherwise, so that message is pointed torwards that person ^^;
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Ahh ouo; sorry about that~ I was tired.
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*too lazy to switch accounts*
Heh, I don't mind ^_^
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Boo.. I read but I seldom comment ;n;
Well, I know a fair few people who've quit the sonic art and its their choice. xD
People move on. *shrug*
Good luck with it all and I shall be ever lurking ~
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