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Artist | Other
Hi! I'm artist addicted to drawings based in land of green,
between seals and seagulls. Together we listen beautiful
sea songs maybe would join? hope you'll like what I do :)
ask me whatever you want or support buying coffee<3
I need some power! :star:
Buy Me A Coffee at

Some Q and some A!

Tue Sep 4, 2018, 6:04 AM by katagro:iconkatagro:

Ages ago, when little mermaid named Ariel and SnowWhite were on this world, 
I was tagged by may amazing friend, :devtoxicsnakeskull: and got some questions
so I decided that this is time for reply. Hope you'll enjoy :heart:


1. Favourite Mythological Creature?

2. Favourite Food?
Every no cruel food is my favourite *  W* 

3. Last Book/Comic you read?
about design x'D

4. Mustard or Mayo? GIF Wander Over Yonder - Yes!! 
why not to mix tem? ;)

5. Who would you rather arm-wrestle? Doomfist from Overwatch or Vi from League of Legends?

6. Which Super Hero/Villain would you most want to date?
7. Thanos or Darkeid?
none of them!! >U<
8. Roman Gods or Greek Gods?
Greek and never know why x'D
9. Do you have any autographs from anyone famous?
10. Favourite Disney/Pixar film?
All, I can't decide! It would be cruel to chose one!
11. How would you describe yourself in one Song?
recently this one:

12. Burger or Hotdog or Both?
Vegan Hot dog *Q*
(I'm hungry now!!)

:star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:MY TURN!!:star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

I like to break rule from time to time and...

The Rules 

  • You have to post all of the rules. :star:done!
  • Answer all the questions, and then create 12 more. :star: done!
  • Choose 12 people to tag when you are finished.
  • Legitimately tag people.
  • You can’t say you don’t do tags, you have to tag 12 people.
  • Tag backs are allowed.
  • Put who tagged you in this post under the new questions you typed.
  • Then put "New Questions" and put your icon behind the questions you asked.
Anyone, who would like to answer in comment, I'll read with pleasurr!


1. How was your day? <3
2. country which you want to visit and why? ;>
3. your fav illustration (put link <3)
4. what can makes you smile?
5. thing,without you can't  survive ;3
6. Your fav song <3
7. Put here your fav OC <3
8. World would be better if..?
9. Your motto <3
10. One thing, which you like, which you
can recommended (food, flower... whatever)
11. Clothes style you like <3
12. Your fav story which you remember
(title or if short, put it  here, if you like ;3)

Thank you so much!! 

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Poems
  • Watching: Boruto
  • Playing: Tetris
  • Eating: my stress x'D
  • Drinking: my tears

You're precious!

Fri Jul 27, 2018, 3:15 PM by katagro:iconkatagro:

Hi there! <3 

Firstly, I want to say 'Thank you' to everyone for support
especially to :devviviannaarts: | :devsafegaming89: | :devzackwriter23: 
It's really precious to have you here <3 you're my motivation to do not
give up but also... It reminds me that how much is important to fight
to find power in own heart <3 Thank you for this. For everything :star:
I want to thank all artists for fighting - no matter what emotions are
in heart. I truly admire all of you :hug: Never forget about how 
special you are - you create sth for your heart and share to others
It's truly amazing <3 Never give up, friends :hug:
During my inactivity with art here, I watched,
how beautiful stuff appeared here... I wish
to keep all of them! * W * 

Is there any fan of HOW TO TRAIN DRAGON? * W *
Someone here remember this great work featured
on DD?  COMMISSION: King Candy inspired plush by MrsVolv
one amazing person, MrsVolv did great work! 
with Furries too <3 and THEY'RE ON SALE NOW!!!!!!
highly recommended <3 You can move their wings!!! \(^U^)/
SALE: Night Fury by MrsVolvSALE: Light Fury by MrsVolv

Hugs to everyone!! <3 Love you sooo much :hug:

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Poems
  • Watching: Boruto
  • Playing: Tetris
  • Eating: my stress x'D
  • Drinking: my tears

Tagging time!

Sat Aug 12, 2017, 1:04 AM by katagro:iconkatagro:

Hi everyone!! :glomp:
This time K-KAT7773 surprised with questions! 
So I'm once again in 'tagg me' action, hope you'll
have fun like me! <3

1: where is your family from?
where is cold and there are seals :love:

2: what is your favorite TV show?
I have only one reason to watch tv...
Sheldon-cooper-15 by katagro
Big Bang Theory of course! :star:
3: what fandoms are you part of?
It's difficult question! I can't decide! 8D
4: do you like sweet, sour, or savory foods?
YESS!! EVERYTHING! especially sauerkraut juice *W*
5: what do you like drawing the most? 
probably no one will not surprised - the answer: eyes x'D
6: what is some weird skill/talent that you have?
Trust me, you do not want to know x'D 
7: have you created many OCs?
You'll see soon :heart:
8: if you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you want to live?
somewhere where "politicians" will not talk about how people are supposed to live,
what beliefs should be "correct" and what is "correctly" to learn.
Just far, far from manipulation x'D
9: do you speak any other languages?
Yes :star:
10: what is something you've done before that you have regretted?
Arguments are a waste of time, I regret that I let this waste my life for it. Never again!
Better to surround yourself with people who can respect each other's views <3
11: how has your life been nowadays? Any drama?
only one, but I hope it belongs to the past <3
12: when did you discover that you wanted to be an artist? (Or that you liked art)
I have no idea, I just was addicted to drawing from ages :love:

1. you have to post ALL rules
2.Answer 12 questions that you have been asked,
then create 12 for the others that you choose to tag
to answer (hmm...)

3.Choose 12 people
4.Tag those people
7.You must do the journal entry
5.You cant say you don't do tags (oh)
6.Tag backs are ALLOWED

1. Question from the 'Mythology' category:
    - Your favorite myth from any continent
2. Question from the 'Games' category:
    - Pokemon or Digimon? (which are you have one fav?)
3. Question from the 'Art' category: 
   - What art is your fav?
4. Question from the 'Culinary' category:
   - Tell me the weirdest thing which you ever eat!
5. Question from the 'Life' category:
    - One thing which you would like to change?
6. Question from the 'Music' category:
    - What song/playlist you recommended?
7. Question from the 'Life' category:
   - How are you? :)
8. Question from the 'Design' category:
  - Describe one fav character (your OC/game/movie/whatever)
     why this character is your fave! (what was important for you etc.)
9. Question from the 'Art' category:
   - Fav concept of whatever (If haven't, then do research ;)
10. Question from the 'Hobby' category:
   - what you chose, archery shooting or cooking with Gordon Ramsay?
11. Question from the 'Cooking' category:
   - Are you prefer eat or do meals? (your fav recipe!)
12. Question from the 'Life' category:
   - WHY YOU ARE SO FAR!!! ;^;

Congratulations-you-are-a-millionaire-now-what-a-b by katagro

I Tag (people who I know that will not kill me for tagging x'D
and I'm curious what answers they put on the list ;> ):
MrsVolv, neshirys,Sephiroth8745 ;3
who like then answer too! thanks to this solution
I'll survive and knew more new facts about ya! 
I'm looking forward! :love:

Thank you so much for your time and support! :hug:

  • Listening to:
  • Reading: Poems
  • Watching: Boruto
  • Playing: Tetris
  • Eating: my stress x'D
  • Drinking: my tears

Nice charity action with Tommy GK again! <3 

15 deviants said who knows? ;)
10 deviants said yes!
4 deviants said will you join?…


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