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So I've wanted to do this for a while, For trades, gift art, commissions, etc. I'm compiling all of my Characters here, along with all of the art I've done of them. . . some are rather old, so I apologize lol(If you'd like to see the art other's have done of them, Please Check it out here!… )

I'll list them from the most drawn/used/favorite to the newer or barely continued ones ;) And so, here we go!

Species: Black Leopard / Dragon mix
Attirbutes: Brilliant Green eyes, Dark spots on Dark fur, Fading to light gray at tail, wing, and paw tips. Large Onyx Horns on her scull, and Raven feathers. Larger than average Panther, with longer tail growing thick towards the end.
Attitude:Varies, Peaceful, loving, nurturing, to angered, defensive, almost vengeful
Little Kattira by Kata Glance Behind by Kata
Grafitti Kattira by Kata Lounging Kattira by Kata
New Kattira by Kata Troubled by Kata

Species: Black Leopard / Dragon mix
Attirbutes: Same as Feral, with Purple hair, sometimes in glasses (like me ;) )
Attitude: This is basically a representation of me. So anything really, from goofy, to angry, to sad, to sexy, to bored. . . anything really ;)
WIP Kata by Kata
Kata quicksketch by Kata

Species: Sanishi (Dragon/feline) (Shiella's creation)
Attirbutes: Golden blonde hair, creamy white fur and light gray stripes with shimmering white scales beneath, Simple brown leather garments, Bright green eyes, Dragon wings, Dragonic tail with spaded tip. Has the ability, when threatened or angered, to turn into a large feral dragon, and her eyes turn from green to gold.)
Attitude: More or less. . . Bitchy. She can be sweet and mothering at times (especially with children), but mostly she's sexy with an attitude. Blunt and straightforward, with a 'No Touching' attitude.
Dijani the White by Kata Dijani ACEO by Kata

He's technically a little demon, a bit larger than a ferret. He resembles a dragon (more eastern than western, long and thin) including the jet black horns rising from his brow, though he has the face and ears of a bat, and his wings are stunted and more or less useless for flight. He also has an odd mixture of fur and scale.He's mischievous, sarcastic, intelligent, and witty.
Gruu Headshot by Kata Little Gruu by Kata
I'm too Sexy. . . by Kata Yep it's Gruu by Kata
Gruu by Kata-Ports
Gruu by Kata (Before I added the bat ears)

Species: Dark Brown Striped Feline
Attirbutes: Large fluffy tail, usually restrained by wraps. Wraps also on her arms/hands and feet. Blue short spikey hair with bangs Tight fitted leather clothing, and hidden daggers on her person.
Attitude: She's a Sparring girl, so she has a sarcastic, snide, "I could kill you if you looked at me wrong" attitude. She's very cocky and knows she's sexy, and enjoys keeping any male at bay with her speed and knives. Also a "No Touch" attitude.
Kantii Chibi by Kata Kantii the Fighter by Kata

Species: Parasaur
Attirbutes: Usually carries a large natural wood staff, necklace with a feather or two, rings in the webbing of his horn, and dark brown markings on his green skin.
Attitude: Sullen, though strong. He's been through a lot and lost almost all he has loved, but he's still a leader, and though almost an empty shell, he tries to stay strong. Tragic figure.
Parafin the Lost by Kata Enjoying the Meal -Color- by Kata
Eternal Loss by Kata Parafin by Kata

Species: White Tigress
Attirbutes: Blue eyes, clothing varies, though should fit a more medieval
theme. (Used to be a princess) Carries a large white sword, and sometimes a natural walking stick.
Attitude: Weak, kind, and sad. She, too, has lost all she once held dear, but different from Parafi, She is young, small, and scared. However, as she grows she is gaining more vengence in her nature, seeking to learn to be strong and claim revenge on those who have wronged her. However this aspect is still very subtle in her nature
Kanjia the Alone by Kata

To be updated as more characters/drawings emerge ;)
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Peachfuzz Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2007
I still love De'Seriax! :love: Kantii is really cool, too. You aught to draw her more often!

Great characters, all of them. :thumbsup:
Kata Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Hahaha thanks Peach! <3 De and kanti don't really get the attention they should. . . actually a lot of my characters dont O.o; hmmm. . . ;)
kookybat Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Are Parafi(n)'s markings changing from brown to black, or were they always supposed to be black? :O Do a new color picture of him so I know!
Kata Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Hahah no they're staying brown :) They might get a bit darker, but yeah ^.^ And I decided to change the name up a bit (though it's hard for me to get used to) because whenever I mention him to anyone they *always* say "Like the wax?" Belive it or not I didn't know there was a Parafin wax before I named him x.x lol
kookybat Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I didn't know that either. XD Parafi's a cool name too though. :3
Shiella Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007
Hey, just thought I'd give you a heads up. I'm giving away the Basin if anyone wants it. The dream is pretty much dead and I've lost interest in it. =( I'm starting a new 'Old Western type dream in Furc called Cold Water.
Kata Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
It's sad that it's over, but We just can't keep it up anymore :\ This term has been my worst term to date work wise, so I barely have time to get on and check all my internet stuff let alone Furc. I was thinking about selling off some of my DIgo's as well, but not sure if I want to part with them yet heh. I'll still keep and love Dijani of course ;) and hopefully she can meet up with Lieander every now and again. Any idea who your going to give the dream to?
Shiella Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007
Nah no idea, I put something up on the forum, so if anyone checks it they can claim it.
Heh, maybe I should do something similar for my characters some day;I just don't have that many, and don't have any art of any of them. :laugh:

Oh, and if Kantii's wearing tight-fitting clothes, where does she hide the daggers? :paranoid: No, I really don't want to know the details. XD
Kata Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
*snickers* sometimes she just straps them to her upper arms and legs and lets everyone know she's armed and dangerous ;) Otherwise she has special sheaths in the back of her shirt, and at the hips of her pants ;) so they're inside, the hilts do stick out, but they're safe so she doesn't go slicing herself open lol. I've still got a ways to go on development as far as most of my characters are concerned ^.^; But thanks for reading hun and yes it's always nice to have one of these sheets :3
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