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For Finnish con-goers, Kata can be found from artist's alleys at these events:
(The list will be updated as cons are announced and I actually find out if I get a table :'D)
  • Kibecon 5.-6.1.2019 (Espoo)
  • Yukicon 9.-10.3.2019 (Helsinki) - only on SUNDAY
  • Hypecon 8.6.2019 (Hyvinkää)
  • Desucon 14.-16.6.2019 (Lahti) - on SATURDAY
  • Nekocon 13.-14.7.2019 (Kuopio)
  • Matsucon 3.-4.8.2019 (Oulu)
  • Kazecon 24.8.2019 (Raahe)
  • Tracon 6.-8.9.2019 (Tampere) - only on SUNDAY
  • Chibicon 19.10.2019 (Oulu) - application period not open
For Finnish con-goers, Kata can be found from artist's alleys at these events:
(The list will be updated as cons are announced and I actually find out if I get a table :'D)
  • Yukicon 18.2.2018 (Helsinki) (I'll be at the alley on Sunday!)
  • Mushucon 5.5.2018 (Rovaniemi)
  • Matsucon 26.-27.5.2018 (Oulu)
  • Hypecon 16.6.2018 (Hyvinkää)
  • Mimicon 15.-16.9.2018 (Mikkeli)
  • Chibicon 6.10.2018 (Oulu)

Planned and considered for 2019: 
  • Kibecon 5.-6.1.2019 (Espoo)
  • Yukicon 9.-10.3.2019 (Helsinki)
  • Hypecon 8.6.2019 (Hyvinkää)
  • Desucon 14.-16.6.2019 (Lahti)
  • Nekocon 13.-14.7.2019 (Kuopio)
  • Tracon 6.-8.9.2019 (Tampere)
Also: Matsucon, Chibicon, Mimicon, Mushucon
It’s Christmas times soonish, so I opened my Storenvy store again! Do check it out and consider supporting this humble artist person!

Oh right, I could post about this here too!

I have some sticker sheets and acrylic charms for sale, check them out here!

All the info is on Tumblr, but if you wish to purchase something through deviantArt you can contact me via DA notes instead of Tumblr asks.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
I put some T-shirt designs up on Teepublic. They all have sale price $14 for the first three days, so go check them out!

I also have Society6 store, you can find it here!
I decided to give Storenvy a try, put all kinds of stickers up for sale there! No extra shipping for additional items!

Click here!
So I decided to set up a Society6 art store too, please go have a look!

My Society6 Store

At the moment there are mugs, t-shirts, bags etc from six different drawings. I don't really know what people want to see there though, so if there's a piece from me you'd like to see in merchandise (or just as an art print), please throw me a comment :)
As the title says, I thought to offer some chibi commissions! Both fanart and OCs are okay, for any questions please send me a note.

Status - OPEN

Slot 1 - 
Slot 2 -

To order

Please send me a note titled "Commission" if you are interested! When commissioning an OC, please include links to reference pictures and at least some basic character traits. I'd also need information on the character's personality to decide on a pose; if that is given insufficiently, a simple standing pose may happen (such as here). Of course you can also request that simple pose, it actually makes drawing faster when I don't need to think of a good pose.

When I've finished the picture, I'll send you a bigger image. I'd also like to post a small watermarked image in my gallery, but if you don't like that please say so and I'll refrain from doing so.


 I accept money via Paypal (the buyer pays the possible Paypal fees). If you're a Finn, a tilisiirto will do too.
 Don't forget to state the commission you are paying for and your DA nickname.
 I will only begin to draw after you have paid!

Note! I'll be out of town July 12-13 so I can reply to notes sent then only after the weekend.
Trying out something new! I've been wondering if I should offer sketch commissions, but since I've never done those I'm worried if I can actually handle it. So, as a test for myself, I'm giving away three free sketches and shall handle them as I would commissions (which in my case means, finish them within two weeks).

So, send me a note if you want a free sketch! Here's what I can do:

* One character per drawing
* I can do both chibis and non-chibi
* Fanart and original characters are both okay, but if it's an OC I'll need reference pictures
* Nudity is no problem
* Please be as specific as you can with your request, otherwise I'll assume you don't really care about the details and decide the details myself : D

For any questions, post here or send me a note. Thanks!
UPDATE: All slots taken, thank you! :) Will let you know if I open any more slots!
Not gonna lie, I'm amused like whoa. :'D
cospplay: my cat as neko-germany by ~austriahetalia on deviantART

This is my cat if anyone wonders:
Nekotalia: Germany by Kata-elf

I would just laugh and pass it by, but they have stolen a whole bunch of drawings (my favorite title: "i made tis !!!"), so report I shall.

(I also came upon this repost of the photo, but the person already left DA so can't really ask it to be removed.)
Wanted to get the outdated journal entry off my front page, and this meme seemed like a good way to do it.

Post in this journal and I'll look through three of my favourites from your gallery and post them here! First ten folks to do this only, and you gotta put this on your own journal and feature me too. (Not necessary but appreciated.) So SPAM ME WITH COMMENTS PEOPLE~

1. :iconhanna-pirita:
Mijaskaliina by Hanna-Pirita I knew it from the start. by Hanna-Pirita Puusta Pitkalle by Hanna-Pirita

2. :iconmikokur:
Halloween by mikokur Treasure by mikokur Sheena by mikokur

3. :iconneynaoe:
SantaFin by neynaoe DenNorIce for dinoturtle by neynaoe MerryXMAS COSPLAY by neynaoe

4. :iconsusapp:
:thumb167735264: :thumb185137228: :thumb275292439:

5. :iconhiroe-san:
The Mentalist - Patric Jane by Hiroe-san OH NO mah shades by Hiroe-san Tough guy? by Hiroe-san

6. :iconscethdra:
Leiandri - commission by Scethdra :thumb279105739: When he was young by Scethdra

7. :iconintya:
The sky is a canvas by Intya River in Wilderness by Intya No apple for Raito by Intya

8. :iconevilesteye:
calling from the deep by Evilesteye Marco Hietala by Evilesteye :thumb83388381:

9. :iconjeepfy:
TF2:Helmet Party!!! by jeepfy TF2:Touch Touch Touch by jeepfy TF2:Loy Krathong [gif color] by jeepfy

Slot 10 still open


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Just realized that my last journal entry was written after Desucon 2010 and now we're already approaching the next one, so about the time to write a new entry. : D

So yes, Desucon again this June, and I'll be participating in artist alley this year as well! However, I will possibly take a break from artist alleys after this con; I love participating in them and it always makes me so very happy if someone likes something I've made, but preparing for the alley tends to take so much time that I've had to neglect some other con related hobbies for it - cosplay most importantly. So will try attending cons without alleying at least for a bit, but who knows, might end up missing it so much I'll go right back to it. :'D

But before all that, you'll see me at Desucon! ♥ You can find me and my dear friends Scethdra, capibrat and possibly some other people too (plans made but nothing confirmed yet, so don't know if I'm allowed to announce it) at tables 16 and 17 on both Saturday and Sunday! Feel free to come say hi to me (and probably watch me be all shy and giggly x'3)~

Back to studying now, I've been super busy with university stuff lately. Just three weeks left! o/


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Still quite braindead after an amazing con, but as I was at the artist's alley again this year I wanted to post a thank you to everyone who visited my table and/or bought my art, it all warmed my heart so~ ;v; Also thanks to my table pals Scethdra and capibrat as well as the rest of Team Desu for, well, being generally awesome and making the con what it was, you guys rock. :heart:

After participating in Artist's Alley for... three times now I can say it's so fun you can most likely find me there again next year. It's a bit sad how I miss most of the con and programs as I have to sit behind the table all the time, but it's still nice to experience the con from that perspective. Anyway, as I should probably get prepared for next year, this entry also works as a suggestion thread where you can comment and tell me anything you might want to see from me, meaning mainly fanart and chibi designs. I was already thinking of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei as I've been wanting to draw something for it for a while now, but other than that I'm quite clueless. So any series or character suggestions are welcome, don't be shy~ o/


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...All right, I admit it, I'm getting addicted to those little buggers. :heart: Keep 'em coming people, they'll get a good home here!

(Ps. Is it possible not to have your mood show in your journal entries when you've chosen something for it in the past? It always gives the mood I chose for the last entry as a default for a new one and I don't know how to make it invisible.)


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I may be submitting some art things soon so it seemed like a good time to get rid of the old journal entry and bring up some things I've been meaning to mention:

1. We just recently got a new computer screen (1920x1080, damn huge), and whereas our old screen showed everything too dark I still haven't managed to adjust the settings right on this one and at the moment everything looks too light to me. >_< It's pretty troublesome when posting images such as drawings on the net as I can't be sure they look okay to other people, and some of my drawings that I had colored and submitted from the old computer look so pale to me now that I try to avoid looking at them altogether... Anyway, will hopefully find the right settings some time soon, but til that do feel free to tell me if something I submit looks too light to you and I'll have a look at it with some other computer.

2. I tried making a new avatar last week from the Belarus image I submitted recently, but not sure if I'll stick with it... Am just out of ideas so it shall stay til I come up with something else (though we all know what that means: most likely I'll forget all about it and it'll stay for good).

3. Finally got to watch Ponyo last week. ( >v< ) Really liked it too, my favorite was the old man Fujimoto~


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Animecon VII is now over and with it this year's Artist's Alley experience, thank you to everyone who visited my table and bought something! ( >3< ) I had a blast, and as this was my second time selling at the Alley I'm really getting a hang of it and will definitely be selling stuff there in the future too.

Speaking of which, I'm thinking of drawing new art for future Alleys one of these days so if there is any series or character you would like to see as a (chibi?) keychain or sticker by me (as in, would seriously consider buying one too at some con) do feel free to say so, I'm all ears here. o/

Before the con I was also playing with the idea of possibly trying to sell keychains and stickers on the net too (even if it wasn't all that profitable), but I'll need to find out about things like shipping abroad and stuff first. Also possibly make more of the things that sold out, but right now my hands are quite dead from all the cutting before the con so that'll have to wait ( >▽< );

Anyway, thank you for the con peeps, I had a great time~


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:iconneynaoe: gave me 'G' for the letter meme. The first five were pretty obvious but after those my brain stopped working so it took me a while to even think up 10 things starting with G. XD;
(And while mentioning Ney I should also mention that you should all go check out her Szayel Aporro (Bleach) cosplay shots, go go go~)

"If you comment I'll give you a letter of the alphabet and you have to make a journal and list TEN THINGS you like starting with the letter I give you."

1. Graphic novels
2. Genshiken
3. Geeks :heart:
4. Gaiman, Neil
5. Gin/Kira (one of the only "ahdfagf<3" pairings I have)
6. Godchild (Kaori Yuki's manga)
7. Gaijin smash (well, it saved me in Japan plenty of times >_> )
8. Gadling, Hob (from Sandman)
9. Grave of the Fireflies
10. Groove Tube (Thomas) (a Death Note fanartist/doujinshika)


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Dear neynaoe:

I don't really know how to tell you this, but I'll join the monastery. I think I realized it When you put cuffs on me Under the bus and I saw you Carve your initials into My father. I'm sure you're Cowardly enough to understand That Santa doesn't exist. I'm returning Your ring to you, but I'll keep Your left ear as a memory. You should also know that I Told in my confession today about The incarnation as an eskimo.

Go burn,


...In other words, my lovely Japfag crimsonswirls tagged me to do the letter meme. x3 See the rules here:…

I'm not tagging anyone because, well, I'm awesome like that. Go do it if you want, it was fairly fun. :3


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...Right. I can't believe this was originally my idea (I think it was, can't really remember anymore), but now it's really turned into something and I must start planning stuff and. Um. So.

Me and a friend (or two) of mine are going to have a table at Artist's Alley at the upcoming Animecon'08 in Finland. Now, I don't have very high hopes, oh no, but I figured I should mention it here and also see if any Finnish fellas had something they'd like me to make into a print or keychain or sticker or something. :3 There are only a couple drawings I'm planning on having there so far, but if someone really wants to see something I hadn't planned to put there I might re-consider it.

So, feel free to harass me~


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Just wanted to get the old entry off my front page, I'll put something cool and magnificent here when I come up with something. For now I'll just offer the normal stuff:

My website can be found here, do go harass it if you have time and remember that the guestbook needs love~

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