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The K009 Comics Kickstarter is LIVE!

Please help me achieve my goal, thank you so much!
►►kickstarter link◄◄…

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tumblr o0kpsaOWs91qe9g4mo1 1280 by kata-009
I've had a Patreon for a while but I forgot to mention it here! If you like my comics and would like to see me post a new comic twice a week check it out! I'll still put out  comics every week on my blog regardless, but any help counts! 

Patrons get a doodle request every month and get a say in what types of comics I decide to post. 

►►Check out my Patreon here!

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I'll be at Fanime again this year at table # 803!

Map made by the awesome Black

See you all there : ) !
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First and foremost, wow thanks dA for featuring my comic on their facebook and the daily deviation! You can view the post here.
Also hi new visitors, I'm Kata and I like to draw, I update comics weekly on my blog here so go check it out.

I'm going to be at AnimeNext in Somerset, New Jersey this weekend 
at Table#77 so come by \o/

I won't be going to AnimeExpo this year since I couldn't get a table.
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I'll be at the SanJose convention center this weekend wooo

I'll have all the stuff in my store and then some
check ittt
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<<cross post from tumblr>>
going to have lots of stuff, come visit~! 
٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و  *:・゚’
If you buy something from me on Friday you’ll get a super special Valentine’s card!  ♥

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I'm reprinting the Chen shirt and preorders are open! (yay)
>>Click here to preorder<<
They'll be sent out early September.
I'll be closing my shop on SEPT 1st and will reopen FEB 2014.

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I'm going to be at KYC this weekend at table A10!
:icontaxikun:&:iconsoupkun: will be there too : )

Hope to see you there!

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cross post from my tumblr

I'll be at Erica's table【T-31】AnimeNext in New Jersey!
I'll have stuff! We'll also be next to tailslover000at 【T32】!
Come visit! *:・゚( ◜ω◝ )*:・゚

★I also have shirts in my shop now, check them out!
(If you put "uguu" in your batman shirt order message you'll get a free batman button.)
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Fanime is coming up yay!!!

The artist alley is in a different location this year, use this map as help!^

Go here for an interactive map!  (・ω・`)  
I made new shirts too yay!!

I'm going to be with my sis and she'll be selling her Marvel/DC plushies!(Look at Adchee photo bombing, shame on her)

*:・゚'See you all there!! ヾ(^∇^)*:・゚'
(Adchee will not be there, she is not for sale)
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Hey I'm going to be at AOD at Feb 16-17 with :icontaxikun: !!

If you're going, stop by table 10! : ) !
I'll have new buttons and hopefully new prints by then!(persona probably hahaha I'M OBSESSED...(☉ω☉ ))
You can view some of the buttons here:

Also I'm more active on my tumblr now \(' w ' \)
I post comics every Tuesday and every other day I post doodles and stuff.
Check it out~!
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Hey hey!!!
Catch me :iconshiftly:&:iconkurot: this weekend at Fanime!
★LOCATION: 【 T287-T288 】


★Make sure to stop by :iconblameshiori:'s table at 【 T272 】 for more Touhou stuff and a doujin!! (ノ╹▽╹)ノ*:・゚'☆.+゚'・:*+☆
More Info here!:…


★South Park Draw Meet!
More details and map here:…
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Just going to swipe the description from *viceversa because I can't write for peanuts.

An artbook I was invited to contribute to has now released PREORDERS, so I'm here advertising for it. The theme of the artbook is "Anime Angels" and includes 100 pages of artwork from 66 artists around the world! The book itself cost $35 (pretty great deal!).
For more information on the book, you can visit their Kickstarter Page .
To Preorder, all you have to do is browse through the right hand side of the page for the package you'd like (so a $35 pledge = a preorder of the book + a postcard).
There's a limited amount of HARDCOVER copies so if you'd like that, you better hurry and grab a copy!

Youtube launch video: [link]
Youtube "editor's story" video: [link]
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grats to :iconhawaiiangaldreams: on catching it…

Thanks for playing everyone!
Well it's almost there so whoever catches it I'll draw whateeeeeeeever you want. (if it's sonic quality cannot be guaranteed etc.)

also omg higanbana wai~ wai~
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Thanks for everything everyone!!! o/ I'll write a full report later but yeah!!!

Fanime was so awesome, met a lot of people!!

Sorry if I'm forgetting anyone!! ; - ; I'm such a happy spazz right now alskgjalmdlsamfsa

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Can you believe it's already been a year already?! o/ ONE WEEK AWAY I'M SO EXCITE!!!
Find me and :iconshiftly: at T225-226 !!! MAP

I can't wait to see everyone and bro it up!!! o
I'll be putting up merch and updating this journal for the next couple of days so watch out !!!

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Why did you choose left/right?
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why isn't there a smelling option under the mood section? There should be one.
Also long time no journal, what's up.

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' > ' Long time no see!
I've been pretty quiet on here haven't I?
Lots of things have been going on, like college apps akgjaakgja BUT ON A LIGHTER NOTE...

Inazuma11 is getting popular very quickly lately ^ > ^* It's very nice!
The first game is making its way to English and things are looking pretty smooth. The name changes might be a bit weird but that only adds to the fun, right? I can't wait to see the adventures of Mark Evans w I'm replaying the first game again right now and I'm falling in love all over again. I cleared both Bomber and Spark and I'm waiting for Ogre ' Q ' I heard you could recruit NoGoggle Kidou! I'm so PSYCHED!!!

If you haven't checked out Inazuma11 yet, GO NOW!!!
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You guys are so awesome and make life worth living.
Even if we don't see each other day, you're all my friends and I can't do anything without you.(*^ ワ ^*)
I've never felt the urge to off myself so much in one week. '>'

Please draw me Fudou or Luna, and I will draw you something in return.

I will draw *~anything~*, even sonic. But Sonic will come out like this:…
And I don't think you want that. '>'