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sorry buddy

We're all guilty of being curious... : (
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been there 
done that
still feeling guilty
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OW! Don't whack me! :B
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Sorry! Just needed to EAT YOUR SKIN.
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whack-OWWW! Don't hit me!
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Y waked him s hard a piece of his skin fell off!
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Let us all join together and mourn the loss of our beloved Whacka.

C'mon, when I say all of us, I mean all of us. Everyone's done it at least once. You in the back, stop looking innocent, you're not fooling anybody.
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I killed that thing and read each comment ●_●
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What!? Japanese!?
えっ!? 日本語!?
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Does that look like the face of mercy?
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Even though everything is cute I'm still whacking him.
The-Golden-Knight's avatar
It's so sad, but those lumps were SO awesome...And I LOVE Bombette! She's so C:squee:UTE! :D
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Saving the world is more important than beating up weird blue mole people. Those lump things sold for major bank, iirc.
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I would always sell those lumps to the shop to get a mess load of many coins. 
ForestMidget's avatar
didn't they sell for like 50 coins?
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Aw poor thing!
Devilchild93's avatar
But those lumps of stuff were just too valuable.
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I whacked him to oblivion on one playthrough.  I felt so horrified by what happened, I never did it again.
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the best part of this that, that thing is still smiling! XD
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Whacka looks like he's going to run Bombette through the ultimate guilt trip. Bombette seems to be anticipating it, at least.
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