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What Are You Listening To
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Published: January 31, 2014
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Must be something nice

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SJPerryHobbyist General Artist
lol nice
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Huh, never thought I'd find the original here.
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JoyofCrimeArtHobbyist Digital Artist
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This isn't just a funny joke; it's hilarity that actually happens. Girl in one of my high school classes was listening to music with her headphones on as we waited for the teacher to arrive and class to start (class took place after lunch, just fyi). One of her friends was apparently talking to her and didn't realize she wasn't being heard until a minute or two later and, angry, snatched the headphones off. Suddenly, everyone in the room can hear the song she's listening to, including the teacher that just walked in, who immediately takes issue with the...not-PC lyrics that were being said. Every student in that room was either staring in shock or on the floor laughing at the situation; I was in the latter group. 

The friend ended up in trouble since she was holding the headphones, but everybody else knew what kind of music the cute short girl that doodled animals when she was bored listened to. I also got myself a similar set of headphones; asked her after class the next day since she kind of bolted once class was over the day of and I ended up getting them as a birthday gift a couple months later. And yes, they were that good at blocking sound; my parents constantly got annoyed because they could no longer just yell to get my attention. 

Moral of the story (if there is one): A quality pair of headphones is a worthy investment. 
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TheFawnFlyingProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, the original.
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dksponge13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh, so...this is where that whole meme came from?
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How to be an OG disc 3/5.
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BlockeonStudent Digital Artist
D. Va is just so cute!~ ^^
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UberLukarioHobbyist General Artist

Would it be wrong to say this has become a meme?

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AskTheCityDogsHobbyist General Artist
Who else had the Pink Guy cover playing when they read this
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🎶Lick on these nuts and suck the dick
Get the fuck out after you're dooone 🎶
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yallen22Hobbyist Traditional Artist
then, hop into my ride and make a quick run!
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I'm probably listening to some song about suicide, killing someone, or something equally depressing/concerning. Unless I am listening to Idolmster songs... and some of those can be surprisingly... dark.
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UnivrenPopHobbyist General Artist
me at school
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PancakeDoodleHobbyist General Artist
ooh! this song is great! Especially Pink Guy's cover of it (Fuck the Police is also very good)
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Something something I only browse DeviantZART for good quality M E M E S something
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Luna-ChoccyMilkQueenStudent General Artist
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Foxee123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
ok this is me and so many other people

boy: oh that girl looks happy what is she listening to

me: *the song* If i die young, burry me in satan, lay me down in a bed of roses, sink me in the river at dawn, send me away with the words of a love song
((if i die young))
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Rolling-PotatoHobbyist Digital Artist

Others: What is she listening to?

Me: (Masked bitcH by Shoose) Lenny face extreme ultimate 
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Foxee123Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol here is another stupid memory.

i am sitting next to my best friend who is a boy.
he is listening to barbie girl and im listening to metalica master of pupptets.
that day i was wearing pink i dont know why, and he was wearing black with skull on it, i guess he stole it from my wardrobe.

others: o my god! that girl must be listening to a girly song, she seems like a girly girl.

my mind: ... uhm ok?

others: wow that boy looks so edgy, he is so boy-ish, is he that girly girls boy friend? i bet he is listening to metal song

my mind: WTF!!!!

i stand up and take the earphones out and throw them on the ground. i put the volume up, and they are like "SHI*" so i chase them with my knife.

i was drawing skulls and my brother was drawing flowers, my teacher came and she was like "nice job Selene" to my brother "nice job alec" to me because from the back we looked alike.
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