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Hello all :wave:

Jeez, it's already Monday and a new week. :squee:

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :love:

Today is not only Monday, it is THAT Monday, when I featured my first DD as a CV :love:

So this day is special for sure =D=D

Congrats chinnkun :party::airborne:


Check out who else got a DD today :woohoo:


Now on to some great works I found last week:woohoo:

Flowers and cup of coffe for Kat-Zaphire
Fur Mouse
Flower Watercolor
Step Into The Light
Wolfs Of The Winter Watch.
Shikoba Nightshade
Meet Me In Rio
Tiffany Songbirds
Fey-Touched Gnome
Friends For Life
Young Deer Laying In Tall Summer Grass
In Her Embrace
Curiosity at the Pond
Ai Flower (7)
Lady in Red
Ai Golden Hair Beautiful Woman gif
Wild Coast - Settlements
French Rose (Pink Speckled) - Los Angeles, CA
Messengers of spring
On The Brink
Dusk in Digital Hues by Aravind Reddy Tarugu
The Pastelcolored Beach At An Alien Planet
Interdimensional unfolding
Those Were Such Happy Times, It Was Songs Of Love.
It's Time To Hunt...
Guarded welcome
Tech n color Dream 211
If Dessa Was A Baby 9
Fairy's Best Friend
The Scream.....
Cosmic Violin (4)
edge of the forest

And as always I want to thank you all so much for the love I received last week :heart:

Thank you

Take care and stay safe :hug:

This weeks dd
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