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Hello :wave:

Time for a New DD Glory Challenge!

We were thrilled by the amazing response to last month’s DD Glory Challenge! A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated. ❤️ Check it out here !

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We've updated the rules a bit, so please read carefully! :D

Here's what to do:

  1. Choose Your Favorites: Visit the Daily Deviations page and pick your top three DDs from the last month. Add them to your favorites and leave a nice comment on each.

  2. Share Your Picks: Create a Status Update or Journal entry featuring your three chosen DDs and include a link to this Challenge Journal. (You can feature more than three, but only the first three will be counted.)

  3. Invite Friends: Find four friends who might want to participate. (This is optional but appreciated to help spread the word!) 🎉

  4. Comment Here: Leave a comment on this journal tagging your four friends and including a link to your Status Update/Journal (from step 2).

That's it! Have fun! :woohoo:

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A selection of our favourite features will be rewarded from our sponsors. :woohoo:

:bulletyellow:From Kat-Zaphire 3000 points (will be divided equally among our selected features)

:bulletyellow:From moonbeam13 3000 points (will be divided equally among our selected features)

:bulletyellow:From KizukiTamura Diamond badge (if possible) , Hype badges, Quartz badges

:bulletyellow:From Ellysiumn Diamond badge (if possible) , Hype badges.

:bulletyellow:From TheFulkrum Hype Badges.

:bulletyellow:From Dieffi Hype Badges.

:bulletyellow:From WDWParksGal Hype Badges.

:bulletyellow:From ov3 200 points (will be given by Kat-Zaphire)

:bulletyellow:From SixSs 500 points + Diamond badge (if possible), Hype badge.

Features from Kat-Zaphire Dieffi Ellysiumn KizukiTamura WDWParksGal TheFulkrum

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May DD Glory

The idea for now is to have this Challenge ongoing from 2nd to 15th each month. :nod:

Feel free to send me a DM if you have any questions or if you want to help us sponsor this challenge with points, badges or feature for the selected winners.

All four steps must be done to participate

  1. Choose three DD's to fav and leave a comment.

  2. Feature them along with this journal in a post or feature.

  3. Find four friends to tag. (this is voluntarily)

  4. Leave the link to your feature/post along with the tags of your friends in the comments here on this journal.

Irrelevant comments will be removed

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