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Hey there! 
So I'm still alive. How're you? 
I've considered doing commissions before but never really got around to it or rather, never really got the guts? Anyway so I still have a few people who seem to look at my stuff here so I thought I'd at least post a link. If you want, you can commission me, if you don't and you know someone who does, you can spread the word. Other than that I'm still drawing normal stuff when I find the time and maybe even post something again on this page ;D Sooo here's the link: 

Thanks for reading and thanks for sticking with me (and welcome to the few new watchers, even during my long silence :) )
love ya!~ :tighthug:
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Heyyyy guys :)

Yes, I still live. And I'm very impressed that I have over 1000 Followers here by now! Where're you all coming from? Is it the PJO Fandom? Or did I attract some other fandom? I'm a bit confused but very very flattered so thank you guys!! :tighthug:

So I kinda abandoned my Deviantart, I have to admit. I have to say that DA doesn't appeal to me as much as it once did, I didn't even renew my premium subscription because it didn't really seem like a benefit anymore but rather just a waste of resources (so money) and I have the feeling that the site is kind of dying...? Or is that just a feeling I have personally? I get the feeling that more and more people I watch and used to follow are on other platforms now, mostly tumblr, I have to say. So are most of you still active on here? Do you still constantly look into your inbox? 

Most of all, this entry is to ask another question though. I want to start drawing commissions, for two purposes. One, I need money for my eventual travel plans to china this summer and two, for practice. So if any of you may be interested at all, I'd really love to know about it. Please tell me in the comments, I may also post a poll here and link it later so thanks in advance!

See ya, hopefully~

My Tumblr  (where I now post most of my stuff)

Edit: I just realized I need a 'Core Membership' (really, DA?) to post Polls. So please just tell me your opinion in the comments, pls and thank you~
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Hey guys! Long time no update :D

I know not many of you have actually turned journals on with me, which is a shame but also understandable, I don't really write them that much x'D. 

Anyway, I'm back home in Germany and very very happy about that. I enjoy restarting university after 3 months of free time due to the difference in study time in the USA and Germany. Also, I visited Ireland (Dublin) and London while I was basically gone from here so hey. There's that. It was awesome btw :la:

University is still a bit stressful, since it's the first two weeks but it'll pass and I'll have more time to draw. I'm actually looking into Masters degrees right now, searching for a way to get into animation development or character design. All I found is game design, really. Does anybody know more about that? I know I have to practice SO much to actually be good at something but I'll try to stay optimistic and continue my "one drawing a day" thing to keep getting better :meow: 

ALSO! I have a facebook page now!! I will upload daily, for my 365 day project. It feels weird to upload them on DA, since they are really just sketches and this is a gallery...so in case you're interested in my messy works in progress, go check it out! :eager:


Thanks in advance! :meow: I'll also promote this in the next drawings so those who haven't turned on journals can see it :). I just want to expand my presence on the internet and I still have the most and most loyal watchers here ;P Love you guys for that ^^. 

Thank you for all the comments and support, even if I don't reply immedeately (I'm pretty lazy with that the last...months)!!! :)

Love ya ~ :heart: :tighthug:

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6 min read

Hello, my loyal watchers!

God, I haven't done a journal since, like, January. Man, that has to be a new record? I guess? 
Oh well. I'm very happy to inform you that, as announced, I'm in America by now and I'm 'enjoying' the education system here, staying in College until the end of December. 
Why there's an emphasis on enjoying? Because it's pretty f**ing stressfull and expensive, that's why XD. God, how do you guys even survive? I've got 4 full classes and I do love all of them in their own way but since I'm an exchange student, I don't have any theory classes, so by the end of the semester, I'm supposed to have four finished projects and I'm like 'whaaaat'.
Just to compare: In Germany we have one big project and a small one in one semester. This is..different. Plus, there's a thing that's called "homework"?? Like in, small tasks that need to be done in small periods of time??? What am I, back in school? :XD:

Okay, sorry, rant over. ANYWAAAY. It's pretty cool to get to know a new culture and everything and the people in America are hyper friendly and open. I thought America would be pretty much like Germany, since we do watch their tv shows most of the time but wow. You guys are so much more different than I imagined. I'm not going to start the usual rant here but wow. Shutting the government down? Really? I was through this topic with my class mates many times, actually. Don't start a rant now. I love your country and the people in it, just...that thing with the government was what I wouldn't be able to stand, was I to actually live here.

To more interesting topics: I've already been to Niagra Falls and when the Semester is over, I'm going to get to go to New York as well as Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Somebody up to a meeting? ;P
:D joking. Unless you really are... :XD:

Sooooo yeah. I'm sorry that I'm so inactive but I'm pretty much always busy. I do have a comic project though and once I'm finished, I will upload all the concept art and the final comic here :)
It is already on my art tumblr though, I believe... kat-anni-art.tumblr.com  for those who're interested :meow:

So. HOUSE OF HADES! I've actually read it, yay. eBooks ftw (otherwise I'd have no way of actually getting it back). The Book was FUCKING AWESOME. Don't worry, no spoilers. Let's just say I really really want to draw ALL of it...

The thing is, my hands have been shaking for some time now and I've been to go see a doctor, since it also started hurting in my wrist (try going to a doctor in America...pain in the ass tbh xP). Well, long story short, I'm paying a shitload of money (or rather, my insurance does) to get my wrists checked out next month. I'm forbidden from using my hand too much so...another reason for not being able to draw that much. I'm only doing what's necessary to get through my classes, even if it kills me inside T_T. 

Again, so sorry for my lack of updates! I'm so glad you guys're still watching me, you're all lovely people and so patient :')
Thanks to whoever actually read 'till the end! Have you guys read HoH already?? Or watched the new spn episodes? Orrrrr are excited for the 50th dw special?? :D
:heart: :tighthug:

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Hey there guys! Long time no see!!

I know it's late but I wish you all a happy new year!! Hope you had a nice party or just watched TV, that's alright too xD. I had a nice little come together with a few friends and we really had fun that night, staying up until 5 and talking, playing games and stuff.
The rest of January was a little stressful as always since I had the whole university stress again with the "open house" day approaching and all the professors wanted to have the finished products and videos on their computers/desks until then. Now there are still a few things lingering but I'm hoping to finish them soon since I know that they will linger around in my head otherwise.

But since the open house day is over now, I have time to draw and write (which I mainly do) and hang out with friends more. I'm soon driving home so there'll probably be even more room for drawing/writing. Aaah, I'm pretty relieved right now. The last weeks were really stressful. YAY! 3rd semester done now :D. Onto the 4th :giggle:.
Also, I got the news that I will definitely be able to join the program to go to America next Semester! We have a partner university in New York (State) and I'll go there in my 5th semester together with my flat mate and I'm sure we'll have soo much fun :D. It'll also be hard since the way of studying there is much harder (so I heard) but I'll take that opportunity to learn English better and obtain as much knowledge about animation and film production as I can since that is my new favorite topic since this semester started. I'm still learning but I'm hoping to be able to go into that direction later since it interests me more than product design or communication design.

Okay, I'll stop talking about university now, you're probably not interested anyway :D. Not so long ago, I wanted to do commissions but I dropped that now because nobody wanted any and I've waited over a month now. I explained my reasons in the journal that I edited. Sorry about that, I'll just try again when I maybe have more skills in drawing that more people would be willing to spend their money on. I can understand if you don't want to now, I don't really like my stuff either. But I always was a perfectionist anyway ^^;.

Well! It's a new year, guys. I'll just be looking towards the future :D. In the 4th semester, the Americans from our partner university will get here and we'll get to know them and help them adapt to Germany while they're going to help us in the 5th semester we spend with them and I'm really looking forward to that! Also, in my 4th semester I'm totally liberal with what topics I want to get into and I'll probably do just 4D stuff now. Aaand I'm talking about university again :|. Sorry, but I think I'm going through young-adult-crisis right now (is there such a thing?) where I wonder if I'll ever chose the right things and end up in the right places or if I'm even at the right university and studying the right thing or if I'm just making fatal mistakes that I'll totally regret later and ruin my whole life because i was thinking in too short intervals. I don't know if you even know what I'm talking about (you're probably not even reading anymore at this point) but I just wanted to spill that out for a moment.

On another topic, I'm really getting obsessed with writing Merlin fanfiction at the moment. I don't know why really...I guess I'm still in need for compensation after that final (*sob*). Link to my Fanfiction account would be below somewhere, same for tumblr. Man, I'm spreading across the internet, huh? The only thing I don't really have and never got into is twitter...can somebody tell me if it's worth to get a twitter? I'm not really sure about that concept somehow :/. Also finished AC III !! WTF was that ending?! Not going to spoil but...wtf? I need the next game RIGHT NOW! *sob*.

Things in media I'm looking forward to in 2013: Iron Man III, Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (yeah I know the last one was horrible but judging from the promo photos they did make a lot of changes so..let's see), Legend of Korra Season 2, Sherlock Season 3 (in December meh), Doctor Who Season 7 Part 2, Doctor Who 50 Years Special, Gravity Falls (soon yay), Thor - The Dark World, The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug (I'm surprised I got more into LotR lately..not really a fan but it's decent. I guess I never really got those movies as a kid. Even thinking about reading the books haha. What a change of heart), Catching Fire, The House of Hades (hurry up Riordan x_x), AC IV (or whatever they'll call it. Will it even come out this year? Well let's see xD), the Elder Scrolls online (yay. Will totally play that with all my friends, this is going to be amazing x_x), the Croods (looks interesting xD), ...
I don't recall more right now but that's already a lot to be looking forward to (no real order here btw xD)!! :la:

To those who read until this point: Wow, thank you so very much, you're really nice and loyal watchers and I love you :tears: :blush:.
See you soon!!
Love ya :heart: :tighthug:


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