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True Power

I crumpled to the metal floor and heard the sea demon children howling in delight.

Then I remembered the voice of the river naiad at the ranch:
The water is within me.

I needed the sea. I felt a tugging sensation in my gut, but I had nothing around to help me. Not a faucet or a river. Not even a petrified seashell this time. And besides, the last time I'd unleashed my power at the stables, there'd been that scary moment when it had almost gotten away from me.

I had no choice. I called to the sea. I reached inside myself and remembered the waves and the currents, the endless power of the ocean.

And I let it loose in one horrible scream.

~ The Battle of the Labyrinth, Page 203 ff.

Fanfiction for this pic and Annabeth's reaction by ~GingerLuna :…

Yeah well, no reference for the pose, no texture used, just me scribbling around and have fun with Photoshop XD
I tried to put emotion into this more than I usually do and did so by adjusting his hands and expression.

It's Percy Jackson, fighting the Telkines desperately and unleashing his full power to protect himself and Annabeth, who just kissed him because she thought he'd die (See here:…
That's it I guess. It's really rough so please don't judge the Lava, I didn't pay much attention to details this time, just improving my soft shading to be faster and using no lines any more but make the sketch more detailed ^^. I really had fun with this one :D

Hope you also enjoy it!! :meow: I'm enjoying the little break between stress and more stress at university :XD:

Really hope you like it!! :meow:
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

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:bulletyellow: Reference: None
:bulletorange: Percy Jackson from "the Battle of the Labyrinth" © Rick Riordan
:bulletred: Time: Around 3 hours
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5 | Wacom Intuos 4
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Very nice! I'm impressed by the way his hair flows around his face, and the way you made the fire look so realistic. However, he looks like he's laughing. You might want to change that. Plus, I know you're probably doing it for impact, but it would make more sense for him to be wearing a Camp Half-Blood tee shirt. And he should have two beads, not just one. His outfit in general should probably be a little more torn up/blood spattered/ just less neat in general, because he was fighting telekhines. He's going to get dirty and hurt. His legs look a little short.
On to the good stuff. His hands are very nice, even if he's missing thumbs... the shirt is drawn nicely, the folds and shading and such. The shoes seem a little small for a guy like Percy, but hey, who am I to judge? I love the way you got his hair to shine, and the way he's immensed in the whole fire/water combination. Great job.
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Now I am inspired to write a fanfiction about Annabeth hearing the scream and think that he's dead. 
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yes! Do that, I wanna read it :3 
And send me a link :D
glad I inspired you! :hug:
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omg this is so cool :meow: Thank you for doing that, really!! Gonna post it at the top~
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Oh...really? Seriously? Since you're one of my favorite artists...sure! :) I shall do it as a request for you because of all your awesome work! 
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Funny, I just read this part of the book.
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Yep. Just finished the book now. And I just got the last book from my school library. Thats why I was a little late for study hall.
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Cool! Did you finished the books by now? God, I need to answer my messages more often :D
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Yep. Im on the second book of the Heros of Olympus series XD
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My favorite scene from the book. :thumbsup:
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One of mine too :D
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saw this on youtube:)
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and it's on Percy Jackson -This IS War
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I love the water/fire thing going on around him. Amazing
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Yeah, that was fun to draw! :meow:
Glad you like it, thanks! :hug:
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oh god that has GOT to hurt
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hes dead!!
no he isnt
hes just unconcious
hell probablly wake up with calypso nursing him
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