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The Greek Big Three

*Nico tries to sneak away*
*Percy grabs him by the neck to hold him off*

Nico: Percy, let me go.
Percy: Nope, not happening.
Nico: Oh come on, this is complete nonsense!
Percy: You're staying, get back here.
Nico: You're choking me! Let go, my necklace-
Thalia: Hey, corpse breath, you're getting back here or I'll zap you so hard you'll be in the infirmary for a week, understood?
*Nico grumbles and takes his position next to Percy back, where Annabeth shakes her head and finally takes the photo for Chiron's wall of fame.*


Edit: Changed Thalia's hair completely to look more like in the original design of her :)

Hey guys :meow: I had this mood today to draw something dynamic. Then it turned into the mood to draw a group picture. I wanted to do a pic of all the counsellors. But I realized how freaking many that were and that I hadn't done any groups more then two people in ....I don't know, did I ever do that? :XD: So I decided to only do these three. It was already enough of a challenge to be honest xP. The background was what I changed the most. I liked how all of them turned out, I think I'm getting better with Thalia, she didn't turn out well the last time, I guess that's also why the pic had so little favs D:

Anyway, this was my whole day project while watching Scrubs. I don't even know why I still watch that series, I saw it a thousand times or something but I still love it xP. But that doesn't matter, about the pic...

That's an idea Percy had about taking a pic of the big three children. Thalia found the idea great so they dragged Nico to the beach under false pretences and handed Annabeth the camera.

Btw, guys, what do you say to my new icon? It's from ~Ricsmond and I looohoov it :la:

Really hope you like it, please enjoy!! :meow:
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

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:bulletyellow: Reference: None
:bulletorange: Texture © ~ShadyMedusa-stock[link] | Brush → [link]
:bulletpink: Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace & Nico di Angelo © Rick Riordan
:bulletred: Time: Around 9 hours
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5 | Wacom Intuos 4
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First off, I love this. Their enthusiasm, the way it's balanced so that Nico's slightly off-center, the colors you chose (particularly the muted orange), the background...all very well-done <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>

I appreciate how you varied the skin tones––Nico looks a bit on the sallow side, but that may well be intentional. My real nitpick has to do with the aesthetic similarity of Thalia and Percy, in that their eyes, noses, mouths, hairstyles, and face shapes look remarkably alike. Thalia's differs mainly in that her head is tilted left, and her bluer eyes have eyelashes. That can be easily fixed from referencing things from life, though, and perhaps varying nose/mouth shape and size and eye spacing.

That said, there are many things to love about this piece, including your t-shirt design. Lastly, you remembered Percy's gray streak. Kudos and wonderful job. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Tried changing it so she looks less like Percy and more like a girl. Also changed her hair because it was a little too sparky xD. Added another layer of shadow too, hope you like it better now :meow:
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Omg, I didn't even notice....they do look totally alike :XD:. I mean, they are said to have similar features but now that you mention it, I drew them as if Thalia was a female Percy. Somehow I just can't get her right, huh? x_x I don't know, Thalia doesn't want to be drawn by me properly xP I'll try better next time though, maybe I'll correct it if I find the time and the mood for it :)

Thank you very much for telling me this, I totally didn't notice! :tighthug:
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-Nico tried to walk away-
Kat-Anni's avatar
-but couldn't :D
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yeah hehe. Though he could have just stayed for the picture :D
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well I think that could be difficult at the beach hehe. 
but yeah, that would've been a way to get away though with his necklace like that he would have dragged Percy with him :D
I like it, its wonderful
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Awww, thank you! :hug:
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Nico: Let me go CURSE YOU! 
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Yeah, Percy's being persistent I guess :D
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Lol I love Nico in this :D good job
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww, thank you! :hug:
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You're welcome :)
lol, that is totally something Nico would do
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Annabeth: Nico, could you please smile?
Nico: No.
Percy: C'mon Nico, its just a photo!
Nico: I don't care.
Thalia: Nico di Angelo! You gonna smile for this photo or not?
Nico: No.
Thalia: Ok you asked for this!*zaps him very hardly*Now, SMILE!
Nico: No.
Percy, Thalia and Annabeth: AH C'MON!!
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Right?? :D
Glad you like it :hug:
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