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Luke Castellan II - Hermes

Edit: Changed the colour to green because you guys said that's Hermes colour ^^. I liked blue a little better but it's still bearable xP

OMGBBQ it's Luke again

No worries, I'm not completely restarting the whole series :XD: I just hate the old Luke I did (… and it really looks so freaking ugly...I wanted to do a new one for a long time now. Luke was also the only portrait I wasn't content with from the beginning. I hate how it turned out, really.

About this one: It's far better. And it was good for practice so I got back to digital drawing and got a little faster. It worked, this only took me about 4 hours o.o" I also like how the whole colouring and pose turned out. AND I love his Chiton. I actually managed the whole folds thing, I'm so proud now :tears:. At least I hope I did :XD:.

Btw, some explanations: He is grabbing his shoulder because he just got stabbed there but there is now wound because he already has the curse of Achilles and that's also why he is so evilly grinning. Besides that, the evil black stuff floating around him is the spirit of Kronos or something because I didn't want a giant face in the background this time and I wanted the Caduceus in the corner :D I'll add that to every picture from now on, the symbol of their godly parent, I liked that suggestion, thanks guys! :hug:

I didn't know what colour Hermes got so I went with blue *shrug* And he's so tall because he's far older than most of the other demigods I drew xP

Hope you all like it!! :meow:
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

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Do not steal art by Orpheelin The Fav Stamp by Busiris


:bulletyellow: Reference ©
:bulletorange: Texture ©
:bulletpink: Luke Castellan © Rick Riordan
:bulletred: Time: 4 hours
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5, Wacom Intuos 4
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Ok, I honestly think this one is better than the first Luke Castellan. I like his chiton, and I like the fact you made him crazier and more reckless looking than before. But his scar... in the books, it's described as a thick white scar, not two of them.
and aren't his eyes supposed to be gold, instead of blue? Well, yeah. I know his eyes were originally, blue, but he's Kronos, right? well anyway, I like this one far more than the first one. I like his crazed eyes and evil expression. Good work Kat Anni ( as usual). Hope you do more drawings.
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omg you're right o.o. If Chronos is already in him he should have golden eyes xP. I think maybe it's shortly before he got in?? I'm too lazy to change this now x'D. 
Yeah, it's one scar but I always imagined two because was claws, it's pretty improbable that it's just one scratch xP. 
And thank you very much for the critique again!! :tighthug:
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You said that he has the Curse of Achilles in the pic correct? Well if that's the case maybe it is one of those instances where Luke is attempting to regain control? The black aura, like you said is what you are currently using to portray Kronos' influence so you could make it when that happens.
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Mh, that is actually an excellent argument :meow: 
Thanks! I should write that into the artist's comment :hug:
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

alrighty, yay critiques! :dummt: alrighty, since shis is a redo of an older one, we'll do a before and after comparison with it C:

lets start with the character. i love the new design over the old. rather then the large muscular build you used last time which better fit a child of Ares, this slimer, fit form much better fits both a child of hermes and Luke's character! and the change from the cloths of camp to a darker outfit better compliment's luke's warped intentions.

i also love the affects you used to create the dark, smoke like whisps of darkness around him, it really gives the character a sinister, cold feeling!

overall, great job C: the only problem i see is with Backbiter, its bronze side is smaller then the steel, and it doesn't really look like bronze :C
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Aww, thank you again for the critique! :hug:
And it doesn't look like bronze? Why? I have a different monitor here than usual, maybe I did the colour wrong xP Too dark? I could change that easily ^^. But the size should be the *looks again* Lol, you're right :XD: I'll fix both of that tomorrow, just tell me what's wrong about the colour :meow:
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it doesn't really feel like bronze :C i'll see if i can find a bronze coloring tutorial cause i suck at coloring XD
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I changed it a bit, hope it's better now. Btw, I always wondered...why do most people draw Percy's sword gold? is it somewhere described as being gold (yeah, it glows golden but that's a different thing...)? I'm so confused when I look at fanart, because only Jason's sword is really said to be golden xo.
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btw, ya that looks more like bronze :dummy:
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i dunno D: i've never seen anyone else depict it so i dont know :C
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It'll always stay a mystery ._.
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Hehe, he's supposed to :D
Thanks :hug:
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He's an asshat.

He's on the loose, (no one to stop him now, tonight, he's on the loose) i think. I just started Sea Of Monsters. But still, summoning a pit scorpion, betraying percy and trying to overthrow olympus.

I hope karma gets him
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....I'll comment on that when you're done with the complete series...^^; 
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I finished the series around two/three months ago. I liked the part where he got pushed off of a cliff.

Just finished The Lost Hero yesterday.
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Why thank you very much!! :hug:
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