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Katoptris (καθρέπτς) = looking glass

Piper looked at the blade again. For a moment, her own image stared up at her, but then the reflection changed. She saw flames, and a grotesque face like something carved from bedrock. She heard the same laughter as in her dream. She saw her dad in chains, tied to a post in front of a roaring bonfire.

~ "The lost Hero", Page 52

This image was a suggestion by !scifiguy6 and I decided to do it because I always wanted to do a mirror picture and because the idea sounded pretty interesting :) Thanks for giving me the idea, it was really fun and got myself into drawing again! :tighthug:

The thing is, I only got my pen (for my tablet) back today, Wacom had send it to the wrong address and the other one I ordered is only coming at the end of the month. ~Gintzuckie send it home to me and it arrived just this morning :la: (thanks for that again btw!! :hug: ) I couldn't sleep anymore after that (even though I could use some sleep xD) so I got up, turned on some video and began drawing. This is what came out but it took me sooo freaking long. I'm out of practise, plus, this was something new for me to do AND Photoshop crashed when I had finished the lines and I had to do them all over again :dead:. But honestly, I'm just happy my pen is there, now I don't have to suffer total boredom and begin to completely sink into the world of Skyrim just because I have nothing else to do...-_-"

So yeah, I'm back! :la: Celebrate with me :boogie:

About the pic again: This is showing Thalia Grace, looking in a mirror that shows her "true self". Or you could see it as her old self, before she became a hunter. I'll let you decide that :giggle: Anyway, she is/was really goth (I know, my definition of goth is probably not completely right. I just follow what I hear in public, didn't do any extra research and followed her description) and I bet sometimes depressed about her whole situation with her mother/brother AND father. If she didn't have Luke and Annabeth back then, her life would have pretty much sucked. And she's now looking into that mirror and thinking about stuff like that. It's like the opposite of the ERISED mirror in Harry Potter, you know? Instead of showing you what you want, it's showing you what you truly are in that moment. Piper McLean's dagger is of the same properties (reason for the quote up there).

Really hope you like it!! :meow:
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

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:bulletyellow: Reference: none
:bulletorange: Texture © *Sirius-sdz[link] and ~aqueous-sun-textures[link]
:bulletpink: Thalia Grace © Rick Riordan
:bulletred: Time: Around 8-10 hours
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5 | Wacom Intuos 4
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Very nice piece of work. I'm not going to act like I'm an Art Expert, but I like the dark outline and the shading, which gives a really nice feel to it. I thing to captured Thalia's glow. I think you captured the vision you were looking for, though I feel that Thalia's make up went a bit overboard and wasn't really how I pictured Thalia previous to becoming a Hunter. But, so what? It's a very good style of art, one that I enjoy, and I like your depiction of Hunter!Thalia. The Dark outline helped with the impact, as well as the shading showing how different Hunter Thalia is to previous her.

It would be very interesting to do a similar depiction with the rest of the Characters. Honestly I never liked Thalia as much once she had joined the Hunters, it seemed like one of the more realistic characters of the Pentalogy was turned into some Glowing action girl. Sorry to voice my opinions on character rather than the piece. Anyways, I think it would be very interesting to do this with Percy, Annabeth...Nico and Hazel I would be quite curious to see. Luke would be very interesting, you have to wonder...

I'm sure a series of pieces like this, with the PJO and HoO characters, would be very appealing and well received by fans of yours. I myself am most certainly clicking 'Follow'.

Thanks for listening to my rant, I hope you think about my comments in advance to your work. I would be very happy to know that I had helped anyone out at all. Once again, sorry for voicing my opinion on Thalia, but I felt that it somehow justified me recommending making a series from this.

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She looks gorgeous :D
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ooh, do you have any more Katoptris work?
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Not yet! You have a wish? ^^
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i want to know what like the 7 or like octavian, reyna, and rachel see. that would be AWESOME
Kat-Anni's avatar
Mh, intresting! I'll give it a thought :meow:
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I am thinking of doing a fan-fic for PJatO crossed with KC (kane chronicles) and was wondering If you could do some pics that go with it coz i luv ur art [link] totally okay if u dont wanna though, also how do u write a fanfic on here?
Kat-Anni's avatar
Ah, so that's where the comment was!! >_<
I'm so sorry, I sometimes get lost in the many messages xP
I'll take a look and then see what I can do!! I normally don't make requests though so it will probably depend on my mood. :/
Otherwise, others would also start asking about it XD. But I'll think about it! :meow: Just send it to me ^^

I have no idea how you write a fanfiction on here....but I think it works with Writer? I really don't know ^^; You should ask people who already did it, I only publish my stuff on because I like to have my stuff seperated ^^
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thanks, also you want Sienna in it, coz I need some half blood characters in in it and sienna would be interesting to write into the story, so you want in?
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Of course, go ahead xD
Sienna isn't my character, it's Riordans. I'm excited to read it and then I'll see about the drawing, would that be okay? :meow:
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i love thalia and this picture is amazing!!!
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Aww, thank you very much! :hug:
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Yeah, I seems it's not really obvious it's a mirror, right? xP
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Thalia looks scary in KATROPIS
Kat-Anni's avatar
Yeah, she kinda does :D
Thanks :hug:
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this is perfect!
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww, really? I'm sososo glad it is :meow:
:hug: Send me a link when you have the video ready :)
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You're very welcome :hug:
So, Thalico fan? Or just saying that she probably will leave the hunters to recoil with her brother?
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