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Hazel Levesque - Pluto

SPOILERS!! Gosh, read "The Son of Neptune", it's awesomesauce!! :D

"Percy Jackson?" The female guard was darker-skinned, with curly hair sticking out the sides of her helmet. She looked younger than Frank - maybe thirteen. Her sword scrabbard came down almost to her ankle. Still, she sounded like she was the one in charge. "Okay, you're obviously a demigod. But who's the-?" She glanced at June. "Never mind. Just get inside. I'll hold them off."
"Hazel," the boy said. "Don't be crazy."
"Go!" she demanded.
Frank cursed in another language - was that Latin - and opened the door. "Come on!"

~ "The Son of Neptune", Page 21

Guys, GUYS! I finished something x_x It's really unbelievable and it took me DAYS. I have too much stress :XD: So, finally, here is Hazel. You asked for her, I loved her character in the book so here she is :D

It was difficult for me to find the right colours because I have a new monitor and that one is for printing so most colours are lighter than on most monitors. So I tried to make sure you can see the colours by adjusting them to my OTHER monitor (yes, I have two) xP. Hope it worked, tell me if her skin looks weird, that was the main problem.

Yeah, Hazel Levesque, daughter of Pluto and therefore half sister of Nico and Bianca di Angelo. No wonder Percy befriended her :D She stands for Pluto as the wealth, a part of his territory. I loved her, she was better than Piper was, Piper was somehow too winy. Dunno. I still like Piper though but Hazel is pure awesome xD. She can summon gold and other gems from the ground, how cool is that? :giggle: (they're cursed but who cares? XD).

I should stop talking but I have so much to tell you...I should make a journal as soon as my fingers aren't this cold any more ^^;

Hope you like it!! :meow:
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

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Do not steal art by Orpheelin The Fav Stamp by Busiris


:bulletyellow: Reference ©
:bulletorange: Texture I ©
:bulletpink: Hazel Levesque from "the Son of Neptune" © Rick Riordan
:bulletred: Time: Around 3 days or something
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5 | Wacom Intuos 4
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Okay, I may be not a great pro drawer, but I have some imagination. This looks good. Must say, even very good. Nice golden eyes, dark skinn and this jewels and gold under her feet really can show her as she was described. However, is it just me or... the hips are to wide? O_O She looks like she ate too much shrimp gumbo. But that's maybe just me picking. Her camp shirt and spatha are also great. But the only thing I would change is hairstyle. Not the hair itself, but the style - I always imagine Hazel's hair as a lush mane, not a ponytail. But that doesn't change facts - this is wonderful.
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True ;D that's just a detail, though ;D
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I'm sorry, but it shouldn't matter if Hazel's hips are wide! Not every single person in the entire sires has to be skiny! that is just SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO unrealistic!
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I like this the gold is a nice touch, I like the gold eyes sometimes when people draw Hazel she doesn't have the correct color eyes. I like the shoes! The gold laces are interesting and seem like something she would wear in one of the actual books! The expression is good to because she seems happy and at the same time sad sort-of like in the books. I like the backround too the black that fades as it gets closer to Hazel is interesting. Honestly the only not totally positive thing i could say would be that her sword is a cavalry sword (spartha) and about 4 feet long and in this it looks more like a short sword (gladius).

Overall I really like this pic!! It's great!!<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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Oh my dear god, you're right! I totally forgot that :XD: See, it's good to have Deviantart, the people here keep reminding me of the stuff I forget :D

Thank you very much for the critique, it was really nice and helped me a lot!! :tighthug:
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Impact

alrighty, im doin this just cause i read the book and i love it.

[please ignore any misspells, im typing fast]

the over all image is beatiful, the near black background accents the colors used in the character, esspecially the gold in her cloths and eyes. the character itself is a wonderful interpitation of Hazel, you captured her friendly sweet side with a tid bit of the sadness hidden behind. the gold at her feet is a great accent to teh picture, but it might help to throw in a few dazeling stones like Diamonds, Rubies, ect.

her pose is lively and fluent, almost as if she was ready to move.

overall, i give it a 9. i absolutly love this. i think you did a great job
Kat-Anni's avatar
Ah, I tried that ^^ I added emerald, rubies and diamonds but then it was so colourful that it distracted the viewer from the main image, meaning Hazel herself. So I left it out and made the whole thing pure gold xP.

Other than that, thank you so much! :meow: I'm really thankful for you writing a critique and that you like my work that much! :tighthug:
And yeah, the book was awesome :meow:
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oh really? hmmm... maybe just one or two might not overdo it :C but i still like the pure gold look

and no prob! :dummy: i love writing critiques for stuff, sorry i couldn't add more helpful stuff to the critique.
and dat book :icondatassplz:
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I changed it, is it better now? :)
It's alright, you did help! :hug:

Yeah, it was to die for :la:
dracoskull's avatar
i went, i saw, and i faved :dummy: i like the addition of the jewls, really adds abit of flair. she's as accurate as can be now X3
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww, I'm glad about that, thanks again for the Critique, you always really help me out :tighthug:
dracoskull's avatar
no prob! im glad i could help C:
Kat-Anni's avatar
Critiques always do :meow:
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Very good. The way you draw her physique reminds me oddly of myself. Hm. 
Kat-Anni's avatar
that's nice :) I always thought of her looking like that haha. Diversity ftw :meow:
Glad you like it :hug:
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this is absolutely beautiful.

one request. could you have a go at drawing the hunger games? (if you have read it of course. if you havent then dont worrie)
i would love to see your depiction of the hunger games. Continue drawing.. LOVE your art. keep it up 

sincerely, sam : D
Kat-Anni's avatar
I have already started working on a piece that had katniss in some somehow got lost and now it's too old to start on again x_x
At one point I will though, because I loved those books and I loved the movies (Especially Catching Fire :o). 
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This is really beautiful I love how you kept her chocolate skinned instead of golden or tanned,this is awsome
Kat-Anni's avatar
Well, she's described to have chocolate skin, why would I make it brighter? ^^
Thank you, I'm glad you like it :hug:
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But wait, isn't Pluto also Hades????
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