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Frank Zhang - Mars

Btw, Spoilers!!

He was three years older than she was, and he wasn't exactly Prince Charming, with that strange combination of koala bear with muscles. The fact that everyone always tried to pair them up -the two biggest losers at camp! You guys are perfect for each other- just made Hazel more determined not to like him.
But her heart wasn't with the programme. It went nuts whenever Frank was around. She hadn't felt like that since...well, since Sammy.

"The Son of Neptune", Pave 65

Merry Christmas, everyone! :tighthug:
My evening was excellent and relaxing, I got presents that topped my expectations and the only problem of mine is how to get them back to my new apartment :XD: (in Germany, we celebrate Christmas on the evening of the 24, not the next morning)

Anyway! The pic was made pretty quick and it's disturbingly out of detail. Though I really did try, I'm not really satisfied. :| Please tell me what you think of it anyway xP I kind of messed up his hand and the tooth on top of the spear AND....well, everything -_- will probably fix that later on >_<
Next up will be Reyna and the other stuff I didn't finish yet ^^ Look forward to it, this is my Christmas present for you! :D

Hope you like it!! :meow:
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

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Do not steal art by Orpheelin The Fav Stamp by Busiris


:bulletyellow: Reference ©
:bulletorange: Texture ©
:bulletpink: Frank Zhang from "the Son of Neptune" © Rick Riordan
:bulletred: Time: Around 7 hours
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5 | Wacom Intuos 4
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Mar 18, 2012, 1:15:50 AM
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I think you did really well on this.
(A lot better than anything I could have done with frank...)
But I do have a few things...
The spear point is meant to be a dragon tooth, and so I think It should be a bit more curved rather than just a normal spear point.
Also, I think it would add to the picture a bit more if the roman tattoo was a bit farther down the arm, closer to the wrist, and a bit darker in color as well.
I really like how you have him holding his piece of firewood, despite the fact it is a minor detale in the picture, it adds a lot to it.
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okay~ i asked, and now i shall critique <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/> its not gonna be pretty but it'll be helpful!

ok, lets start with frank himself. you have an interesting thing going with the tall stocky build from the book, it seems fairly fine to me, but his pose feels abit unnatural. first dont have him hold the timber like that, it doesn't show his his life is connected to it. it just looks like he's holding a burning stick ;^; from there, teh spear. it looks like a paintbrush :C lets fix that alright? spearheads come in many different stiles, but my suggestion is to look up as many roman spears as you can, they do have alot. for the boned tip, instead of making it look like its pain on the brush swirling with the metal, try for a more jaggid infusion, or just a straight weld in.

now back to frank, the solem look is great, love where that's going C: adding the bow is a nice touch too, but its abit overkill. try setting it off to teh side instead, so its there but its not drawing too heavy on frank. now a suggestion of anatomy, its arms seem abittoo forward on teh body for his build, try sliding them back abit. his legs seem about fine, his shoes though dissapear into teh black, all i see is white! D: try expanding the gradiant alittle wider so it doesn't consume his shoes or teh shadows of his pants.

beyond those details i love this C: keep trying and always aim higher!
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Don't know if you noticed yet but I changed a few things you suggested :meow:
Thank you very much for this again, it really helped improve the drawing!! :tighthug:
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Can you make a list of what you changed? C:
Kat-Anni's avatar
Of Course ^^
The position of the bow, the strap around his upper body from the quiver, the tip of the spear, the fire on the stick in his hand, the form of his upper chest, the length of his arms (just a little) and I added detail to his jeans and made the gradient wider. Yeah, that should be about it ^^ Ah and I added a second shade of shadow xD All minor changes though so I understand why you don't see it. I really want Deviantart to add a feature so you can show the work stages of a work :/
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lol looks exactly like frank nice job ;P
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww, thank you! :hug:
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ooh this is good
Kat-Anni's avatar
Why thank you! :hug:
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Its strange becuase I have a friend who looks alot like Frank.
Kat-Anni's avatar
Really? Well that's cool! :D
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nice work on this series of pieces!
very nice
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww, you're too kind, thank you! :hug:
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Aw,man your making me blush its cool!
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great job he looks nice
Kat-Anni's avatar
You're too nice, thank you! :hug:
frank is awsome! he is a son of ares then isnt a ass and hes the legacy of posidon who can SHAPESHIFT FOR HELL SAKE!
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I totally love him :meow:
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Awwh, totally LOVE this version of Frank <3
Kat-Anni's avatar
Really? Cool!
Thanks :hug:
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